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The Most Famous Magicians of De Queen, Arkansas

De Queen, a small city in the state of Arkansas, has garnered the nation's attention by producing some of the most skillful and entertaining magicians. These individuals are involved in captivating performances, pushing the boundaries of the impossible, and leaving audiences astounded with their artistry. From traditional illusions to groundbreaking new techniques, let's explore the magic scene of De Queen and the famous magicians it has bred.

1. Jack 'The Enchanter' Stewart

Jack Stewart, also known as 'The Enchanter', is an established figure on the magic scene. His unique blend of stage illusions mixed with a fair share of comedy makes his performances not just fascinating, but highly entertaining. Jack's most iconic trick involves transforming an ordinary deck of cards into a flock of doves, leaving audiences mesmerized and scratch their heads in disbelief. He is an active member of the Magic Society of De Queen, a local organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic among the community.

2. Marcella 'Mage' Mitchell

Marcella Mitchell, known in the magic community as 'Mage', is recognized for her compelling storytelling and mind-bending illusions. Her performances are not just a presentation of tricks, but a narrative journey that engages the audience emotionally. She has achieved renown for her 'Invisible Journey' act, where a participant's personal item disappears and reappears in an impossible location, dictated by the unfolding narrative. Marcella is a prominent figure in the International Brotherhood of Magicians, bringing De Queen's magic onto a global platform.

3. Timothy 'The Trickster' Thompson

Timothy Thompson, or 'The Trickster', as he is fondly known, is a master of close-up magic. A walking entertainment powerhouse, Timothy has an uncanny ability to engage people on the streets, dinners, and parties with his magical skills. His signature trick is the 'Bewildering Ball', where a tiny red ball continually multiplies and vanishes in his hands, much to the astonishment of the onlookers. Timothy is part of the 'De Queen Conjurers', a local group of magicians who regularly meet to share, learn, and innovate new tricks and illusions.

4. Sarah 'The Sorceress' Sanchez

Sarah Sanchez, or 'The Sorceress', specializes in family-oriented magic shows. Her magic acts are infused with an infectious energy that makes every performance unforgettable. Sarah's crowd-pleasing 'Bunny Hop' trick, where a rabbit veers out of an ostensibly empty hat, has been the highlight of many birthday parties in De Queen. Sarah is also an active participant in the 'Mystics of Magic', a local women's magic group dedicated to encouraging and supporting aspiring female magicians.

De Queen's vibrant magic scene continues to produce skilled magicians, expanding the boundaries of what is considered possible and keeping the art form alive and thriving in Arkansas. Each magician has their unique style, contributing to the diverse tapestry of magic in De Queen. With such an array of talented magicians, the city's magic scene is definitely something to keep an eye on.

The De Queen Magic Society: Unveiling the Mystical World Within Arkansas

Stepping into the world of mystery and enchantment, we find ourselves in a unique corner of Arkansas – De Queen. Known for its natural beauty and small-town charm, this place harbors a unique commune of magic enthusiasts - The De Queen Magic Society.

Membership and Field of Activity

The De Queen Magic Society is a tight-knit community of magic enthusiasts. While the society is relatively exclusive, it currently boasts a roster of approximately 30 proactive members. The members are dedicated individuals, ranging from seasoned magicians to eager newcomers, all passionate about the world of magic and eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

The society’s primary field of activity revolves around understanding, practicing, and propagating the art and science of magic. Magic here does not pertain only to the stage tricks but also includes the study of mysticism, illusions, psychic phenomena, and related areas of interest. Sessions often involve discussions on magical history, training workshops, skill demonstrations, and improvisational performances. The society truly provides a platform for members to pursue their interest in this arcane art and continuously work towards mastering it.

Location and Meet-ups

The De Queen Magic Society houses its activities within the serene landscape of De Queen, Arkansas. An ideal environment that fosters creativity and encourages the exploration of the magical arts. Meetings are typically held in a reserved space within the De Queen community center, a location befitting a group as unique as this.


A highlight of the society’s annual calendar is a day-long conference held during the fall. Conducted over a span of eight hours, including breaks, the society’s conference serves as an exhilarating culmination of the year’s learning and sharing. This event offers an excellent opportunity for members to present their acquired skills and engage in enlightening discussions about the future direction of their beloved society.

The Magic Society: A Unique Asset to De Queen

The De Queen Magic Society is more than just a group of individuals with a shared interest. It’s a testament to the town’s rich culture and commitment to maintaining a diverse range of interests among its residents. The magic society illustrates the vibrant tapestry that makes up De Queen’s community, reminding us all that there is always magic to be found, even in the most unexpected places.

Discover the Enchantment: Magic Shops in De Queen, Arkansas

De Queen, Arkansas, may be known for its natural beauty and charming small-town allure, but there's a layer of mystique for those interested in the world of magic. Whether you are a seasoned magician looking for your next great trick or a newcomer eager to embark on an enchanting journey, De Queen offers a quaint yet fascinating destination for magic enthusiasts.

The Magic Emporium

Central to the magic scene in De Queen is The Magic Emporium. This shop stands as a beacon for both professional magicians and hobbyists alike, offering a wide selection of magic tricks, books, and supplies. From classic card tricks and disappearing acts to more elaborate illusions, The Magic Emporium caters to all levels of skill and interest. The staff, known for their knowledge and passion for the art of magic, are always ready to offer advice or a demonstration to help you find the perfect trick up your sleeve.

Mystic Curiosities

For those whose interests lie in the mystical and the mysterious, Mystic Curiosities is a must-visit. This shop specializes in the more esoteric aspects of magic, offering products ranging from tarot cards and crystal balls to rare herbs and protective amulets. Beyond the inventory, Mystic Curiosities serves as a hub for the local community interested in exploring the deeper, spiritual aspects of magic. Workshops and readings are frequently held here, allowing individuals to learn, connect, and grow in their magical journey.

Wizard's Wand Workshop

A charming addition to De Queen's magic scene is the Wizard's Wand Workshop. This unique establishment is dedicated to the crafting of custom magic wands. Each wand is hand-carved and imbued with a sense of individuality, making it not just a tool but a companion for the aspiring magician. Whether you seek a wand for performance magic or as a collectible artifact, the Wizard's Wand Workshop offers a delightful experience in choosing the perfect wand to suit your magical endeavors.


De Queen, Arkansas, may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of magic, but for those who know where to look, it's a treasure trove of mystical finds and experiences. From the hand-crafted wonders of the Wizard's Wand Workshop to the depths of knowledge at Mystic Curiosities, and the wide array at The Magic Emporium, De Queen is a hidden gem for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Whether you're just starting out on your magical journey or looking to add to your repertoire, De Queen's magic shops offer something truly special.

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