"Enjoy magic review" Germany

"Enjoy magic review" Germany

 reviews Cobra magic’s white board

On March 17th 2023, “Enjoy magic review" from Germany tested our White Board, and published a review (attached below). As the review was in German, we include and English translation + important performance tips.

WhiteBoard from Cobra MagicA review by Enjoy magic review

It is a white board in a simple design. It looks inconspicuous and can be written on both sides. The technology works on both sides. What can you do with it?

 John: "Andi, I would like to do a little thought experiment with you. Name two countries you've been to and two countries you'd like to travel to. You can name them in any order.

 Andi: "In any order? OK. Let's start with Italy. Greece. Then USA and Latvia." (Joe writes the countries on the WhiteBoard.)

 John: "Alright. Please take the white board now. Now I'm going to give you a sponge to wipe away the two countries you've been to before. Wipe away one first. Okay? And now the other one. OKAY? Ready?

I get a pizza vibe and also a gyros vibe...that means you've been to Italy and also Greece. That means there's still the U.S. and Latvia on the white board."

 Andi nods.

 John: "Now, of the remaining countries you haven't been to, pick one you'd rather go to and wipe the other one off. That means the country you'd most like to go to is still on the white board. Are you done? That is, the spectators now see on the white board the country you would most like to go to?

 Andi: "That's right."

 John: "Now wipe that off, too. Can I turn around now and not see anything on the white board?"

 Andi: "Right."

 John: "So... USA and Latvia were last on the white board, right?" Wait, I'm concentrating... Am I correct in thinking that you chose Latvia? You'd rather go to Latvia than the U.S.?

 Andi: "Yeah, right."

 Solution: The white board is divided into areas and when wiping away you get “haptic feedback”, i.e. a vibration, from the area on the white board where the spectator wipes away. So, you have to remember in which order the countries have been written down and then you can instruct the spectator what to wipe away. That requires thought performance. You must catch up on the vibration and talk at the same time....

 Other examples of a script: Working with shopping list or rather tasteless, asking the spectator to name his ex and who he would most like to have another coffee with.

Otherwise, there are a few ideas in the package insert. The cool thing is that you can write on both sides of the board, so you can use both sides in a performance.

It does require thought performance and is not without challenge. It requires routine. I had wished to have a kind of positioning device, with which you draw the lines on the board, which again divide the different zones, so that the spectator does not write between the lines. The same goes for wiping away.

This board is not foolproof, like the Illuminati tools, for example. Here you have to think along. If someone would rather focus on their performance and not deal with the technical haptic aspect, this board may not be for them. Read our tips at the end of the translation.

As a performer, if I wasn't focused and missed the vibration, there's no display or "way out"; after all, you can't just ask the spectator to swipe again where he/she just did. You have to be accurate and focused. For the perfectionists among you this is certainly no problem, but for someone like me, for example, who is more spontaneous, it could happen that I would miss out on the vibration.

Otherwise, we can say that it worked well in all tests. If you pre-draw the lines yourself, then it works great. The product delivers what it promises. It’s a professional device. As a marker, you can take all commercially available pens. Maybe not a permanent marker.

The sponge is the gimmick. That is probably clear to most. The board includes two sponges and a bag for transport. The sponge is really perfectly made. The receiver has a battery, and the board is battery powered. The batteries are certainly available on Amazon. After 200-300 performances one should change the battery. The battery only transmits when you wipe the board with the sponge/magnet.

The board is good. However, we would not have a really brilliant idea where to use it. We give the board 7 points. The board definitely has its demands on the performer. It's not a technique that everyone can do so easily.

Out Performance tips:

  1. To make the writing on the board and then wiping more reasonable, we would suggest to tell the spectator to write on the board, so all the spectators would be able to see the written words, without reading them up loud.
  2. There’s no need to remember the written and wiped words. As a word is being wiped, you only have to remember the location of the wiped word (according to the vibration you feel). Then ask the spectator to read out loud all the words, including the wiped word. Example:
    1. The list includes: Smart, Ferrari, Mini-Cooper, Honda and Lamborghini.
    2. The spectators wipes the Mini Cooper.
    3. You feel 3 vibrations, indicating that the third word was wiped.
    4. The spectator reads out the names: Smart, Ferrari, Mini-Cooper, Honda and Lamborghini.
    5. You immediately know that the Mini Cooper was the wiped-out name.
    6. Surprise the audience and get you applause.

To see the White board product page – click here.