How does the Mentalism Chair work

WHAT is so SPECIAL about the METALISM CHAIR by Cobra Magic ?

Every proficient mentalist knows that the type and quality of props chosen are the secret weapons that transform a mundane performance into a magnificent SHOW.

And the very best of these props are those that skillfully hide their “smart” electronic or mechanical capabilities behind the most innocent and everyday looking facade. 

This is exactly the case with the clever design of the “plain, ordinary, boring” folding chair – that is in fact the amazing MENTALISM CHAIR – NEW EDITION!

OR ....    DOUBLE the EXCITEMENT and DOUBLE the EFFECT with:



  1. This “one of a kind” prop works via a remote that can be easily hidden even while the buttons are surreptitiously being pressed. Each button corresponds to a different function of the chair that can be incorporated into almost any mentalism routine. 
  2. The mentalism chairs are battery powered. Assuring there are no annoying cables leading to and from the chair that could reveal its secret. Different models are powered by different types of batteries, but most later models include rechargeable LIPO 3.7-volt batteries that use a simple micro-USB charger for charging.
  3. The chairs have three different functions- a tap-like system on both the left and right sides, a vibrating function that is felt through the entire chair, and a shocking function that is felt only in the seat itself. 
  4. All the functions are controlled by the small remote that can be hidden or even used by an assistant off stage. The remote control can operate on one of four channels, so it's operation will not interfere with any other radio channels that may be needed during productions. 
  5. The shock function can be adjusted to different levels depending on how strong of a shock you think you need for your volunteer to react. Both the shocking and the tapping/vibration function need to be charged separately and will last for about twenty performances on one single charge


Despite its magical  functions, as you can see from the pics above, this chair looks exactly like any other plastic folding chair that is commonly found at many large and corporate events. 

The Mentalism Chair will innocuously blend in with any style of room or event. It is light, portable, and no-one could ever guess that it is a special chair. You can lift it, give it a full inspection, without any visible clue to the functions that are hidden inside. 

It is made out of durable plastic with a metal frame.  Designed to keep it light and easy to carry. All of the mechanical functions are hidden beneath the plastic and invisible to the audience. The chair has been tested to safely hold up to 200 pounds, or 90 kilos.

Ease of travel is always paramount to a mentalist, so the newer versions of the chair can be double folded to fit inside a standard-size suitcase. Some of the older models may not have this same capability. 


It can be used in several different ways to add excitement to your show. You can use it in mind connection routines, as well as any PK touch tricks you can dream of. It is a truly “hands-off” prop, that provides you with a cleaner-looking show than any other prop you may have chosen to use in the past. 

It is also ideal for party and family situations for fun mind-melding tricks.You can demonstrate a wide variety of touch techniques using two volunteers and telling the audience you have connected with their minds. The in-seat shock function is a great finalé.

The Mentalism Chair achieved fame on Britain's Got Talent when the performing mentalist used it to demonstrate how well people are connected in the world. While the mentalist touched just one of the volunteers, the remote was used to convince the other onstage volunteer that he had been touched as well.

Because the chair blends in so well in myriad environments, the number of routines you can use it for are endless. And with a little creativity, you can develop a trick that has never been seen before! 


The chair looks totally nondescript and doesn't require any messy power cables or cords. This makes it incredibly easy to even plan a show in a new location that you’re unfamiliar with. You can display the chair in front of a large audience without arousing any suspicion.

The Mentalism Chair is absolutely the ideal prop for any venue of any size. Including large corporate events, and massive onstage performances even as huge as Britain's Got Talent that are televised globally . As long as you master the knack of hiding the remote (either on you or with a helper off stage), you can take this chair anywhere!


There are many tricks that can be accomplished with just one individual sitting in one mentalism chair. For example, you tell your volunteer to raise a hand if they feel anything, then from a few feet away you point to one of their arms while using the hidden touch function. To the audience it will seem that you are touching them with your mind. 

You can also do your own variations of all the tricks listed above, using two volunteers, one on the mentalism chair and the other on just a regular chair. For mentalism tricks, it is more impressive to have two chairs that look exactly the same to inspire the audience's confidence (as two non-matching chairs may look a bit suspicious to the keen eye). But the good news is, you don't need to purchase two mentalism chairs, as you can easily purchase a decoy chair without all the gadgets. 

Actually, you may not even need to purchase a 2nd “regular” chair, as it is highly likely that many similar looking chairs can be found in the event venue that you can use for the second person in your act.

However, if you not only want everything to look perfectly cohesive, but want to pack an ever BIGGER PUNCH then the TWIN SET of MENTALISM CHAIRS is the ideal option.

This brand new and innovative package is the optimum configuration of the Mentalism Chair –divided into two separate chairs! One chair includes the PK touching functions while the 2nd chair has the Shocker installed. This highly enhanced new set enables you to handle 2 participants at the same time. One of them will react to the touching effects and the other will jump at the desired moment.

The chairs come in a custom made double carrying case made especially for carrying 2 chairs.

In short, whether you opt to choose just one Mentalism Chair, or the Twin Set, they will furnish you with the means to artfully display to the audience the true depth of your mental powers. 


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