Mentalism Chair

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Electric Shocker
Additional Duplicate Chair- non gimmicked

Mentalism Chair  

Improve your mentalism acts with our trusted Mentalism Chair, favored by leading magicians all around the world. When experts rely on this tool, it shows its true value. Using the Mentalism Chair in your performances will not only leave a lasting impression, but also help you get more shows. It's about standing out, not just being good.

The Cobra's Mentalism Chair is your perfect tool for the PK Touches routine. It appears as a simple IKEA-style household chair, blending in without raising any eyebrows. From a distance, you can have your volunteer experience and respond to touches – even when you're not close. With its four distinct functions, the volunteer can feel different touches and sensations.

The Mentalism Chair comes with four distinct functions:

  1. Touch on the left-hand side.
  2. Touch on the right-hand side.
  3. Vibration sensation throughout the chair.
  4. A shocker system in the seating area (optional).


  • Travel-Friendly Design: Our lightweight chair also offers a double-folding version, ensuring easier transportation for any gig.

  • Bluetooth Connection: Seamlessly control your act using your RF remote or smartphone, blending modern tech with timeless tricks.

  • RF Undetectable Control: Behind the scenes, a trusty remote ensures your methods stay concealed, preserving the magic. Each Mentalism Chair is equipped with two units of advanced, long-range RF remote controls. These compact devices fit seamlessly in the palm of your hand, ensuring effortless operation and subtle handling during performances.

  • User-Friendly App: Our new Android app enhances control, and with assistant-operability, you're free to focus on the show.

  • A Show-Stealing Feature: Elevate your routine with the optional Electrical Shocker, as showcased by Marc Spelmann on America’s Got Talent. A surefire way to leave audiences in suspense and astonishment.


Elevate Your Magic:

Exclusive Routines Using the Mentalism Chair

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Package includes:

  • The Mentalism Chair
  • Custom-made carrying case
  • 2 Remote controls 
  • 1 magnetic charger
  • A power bank of 4000mAh to charge everything on the fly
  • Blindfold
  • A case for the remote controls
  • A case to carry all your kit
  • Online video instructions
  • Remote Control mobile app (Android)
  • 2 extra batteries for the remote controls


Technical Specifications:

  • A metal frame with a plastic seat and back support
  • Rechargeable 3.7-volt LIPO batteries. Use any micro USB charger ( like mobile phone battery ) 
  • 2 Touches mechanism and shocker will last for about 10-20 performances on a single charge
  • Includes 2 remote controls (four channels) + a custom carrying case
  • Chair weight 5 kg
  • Volunteer weight limit for chair is 90 kilos (200 pounds)

Option - Additional Duplicate Chair: we offer an additional identical chair in 2 finishing levels: Regular (95% match) and Premium (100% match). 

All types of duplicate chairs come with a custom carrying case!


** Electrical Shocker - it is extremely important to use this product with great care – taking into account that it is not meant for anyone who might be sensitive to any type of physical shock (e.g. people with heart conditions or any other type of sensitivity, pregnant women, children, animals, etc). Be aware that using the electric shocker might cause serious harm if used incorrectly!

Cobra Magic does not take any responsibility or liability for any injuries that could occur as a result of using the shocker mechanism. Use it at your own risk.


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