Super Chip - New Edition

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Super Chip - New Edition

SUPER CHIP is a set of four innocent looking smart casino chips that you can carry in your pocket. The smart micro-miniature receiver senses their status, and vibrates silently to enable you to perform many different routines such as:

  • 3 spectators – who is holding which color?
  • In which hand is the chip held?
  • Heads or Tails?
  • Who stole my Wallet ?
  • Taste - what are you drinking

And for more excitement and variety ... you can even install the chip into all sorts of daily items and invent many other routines. Example: hide the chips on the bottom of simple paper cups (30 are included in the set) and detect what beverage the spectator is drinking.

12 different routines are included in the set. The highlight is an “easy-to- perform” Chair Test - based on the Super Chip technology.

And all the magic happens while you are 10 meters (30 feet) away from your volunteers.  

Watch David Penn review the Super Chip on the Wizard Magic Review

The set includes:

  • Three authentic looking casino chips: Blue, Red and Black
  • One extra casino chip (for Find the Wallet routines)
  • * Rechargeable receiver
  • Mini carrying case

* The Receiver, which also acts as a transmitter, has been pre-designed to handle the addition of new functions in the future.

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    Technical Properties:

    • Super Strong Battery Life – Usage Time: 15,000 minutes (500 times x 30 minutes OR 750 times x 20 minutes)
    • Replaceable rechargeable Battery – easily accessible battery type: CR2016 with a capacity of 100 mAh 
    • Auto power off after 60 minutes
    • Recharge, using a standard micro USB cable, takes 1-2 hours
    • 5 hours operation time on a single charge
    • Frequency 2.4Ghz up to 2.5Ghz
    • Operation Temperature: -5 - 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
    • Poker Chip Thickness: 3.5 mm
    • Poker Chip weight: 3 gram
    • Safe to use near other electronic devices and sound system

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    Yaniv in the park making people insane

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     Shahar Livne always knows when someone is lying


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