Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App
Duality - Magic App

Duality - Magic App

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Make unlimited custom videos.

Do you think it is possible for somebody to influence your free will through the screen?

A pre-recorded video of yourself is shown to your spectators and they interact with it.

They choose ANY NUMBER THEY WANT between 1 and 100, and you (from the past) can guess it correctly. 

You can perform this fun, engaging effect with 100% accuracy. It is very easy to do, the one-time set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes to make, and the best part is you can immediately share the video with your spectators through your favorite social media! A guaranteed way to make sure they keep in contact with you. 

After the effect is over, the app immediately gives you the option to share the video clip (not a link – the actual video) with your spectator through your favorite social media platform. They will have no choice but to look at it again and try to figure out how did you manage to get inside their head!

Duality will get you re-bookings. 

Preform anytime, Anywhere!

All you need is your phone. There are no props, no forces, no gimmicks, and no dirty outs. The performer is always correct. 

You can screen the video for stage/virtual shows, making it much bigger and way more entertaining! 

Share the video and grow your social media, and always have a trick up your sleeve!

Correctly predict numbers, drawings, playing cards and more - coming soon!

Using the index feature you will be able to predict not only numbers but also playing cards, names, dates, words, phone numbers, and basically everything you want!

The spectator has a free choice.

There is no force, no equivoque, no fishing, and no restricting! Use that to your advantage.

You are always 100% correct.

With just a little bit of practice, you will be able to transmit the correct information 100% of the time. 

Does not use Internet.

Get fast results wherever you are, without using cloud services or any data. 

Create a video with you own unique style!

Since the videos are 100% customizable, you can add any other elements to the video that suit your style of performance. Whether you choose to add a forced item, another prediction, or maybe a running gag from your show, this is the app for you!

Easy to setup and easier to perform.

You don't need to worry about struggling with complicated codings. We have developed the UI in a way that allows you to make your video in a few minutes.

Immediately share the video with your clients.

This is one of the best features of Duality. Now you have a great excuse to save your client's phone number in your phone. You can also include your promotional text with the video using the "Share option" we included. You can also use it as a way to get some phone number at the bar!

Perfect for virtual performances!

Connect your phone to your PC and you are ready to go! Amaze everyone with an unforgettable piece of mentalism and send the video to them immediately.

Make a video on the spot

Making a prediction video with Duality is so easy and quick, that you can actually make your video just 5 minutes before your performance!  Film a video on the go, or maybe even backstage. There is nothing more organic than that.

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