Wireless Whiteboard: Electronic Mentalism Device

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A perfectly innocent looking whiteboard. There is absolutely no visual clue that it communicates with a miniature receiver that sends you an indication the moment that a written item is erased. The volunteer writes up to 5 names, or countries, favorite restaurant, dishes etc. on the board. You can stand up to 50 meters away and even be blindfoldedyet you miraculously “know” each item as it's erased. The board has 2 sides, so you can work simultaneously on both sides, handling 10 different items at the same time, or even create correlations between the items written on both sides.

Suitable for both close-up conditions or stage. You can involve 5 volunteers simultaneously and “read their minds” error-free.

Technical details:

  • Size: 30X40 cm
  • Frequency: 315mhz 
  • Sensor type: magnetic
  • Receiver Battery: Lipo battery -rechargeable 3.7 volt
  • Whiteboard battery: 23A – sufficient for about 500 shows
  • Polyester Case size: 50X40cm


Technical details of the RF Receiver:

  • Auto Power Off after 60 minutes
  • Receiver cannot be turned off by mistake
  • Operation Temperature: -5 ~ 50 Celsius, 23-122 Fahrenheit
  • Low maintenance and easy recharge – Usage time: 5 hours
  • Recharge time: 1-2 hours with operation voltage: 3.7Volt up to 4.2 volt
  • Battery type: lipo 3.7volt, 100mAh
  • Recharge with a standard micro USB cable – included
  • Frequency: 315Mhz
  • Safe to use near other electronic devices and sound systems

Kit includes:

  • Smart Whiteboard
  • Custom case
  • Smart magnetic eraser
  • RF Wireless receiver

    Review by David Regal

    Okay, I just played with this, and wow. Mentalism aficionados love dropping big bucks on electronic marvels, and this is one of that ilk. More specifically it belongs to the group of electronic effects that employ wireless technology to secretly inform the performer of a spectator’s actions when the performer’s back is turned, by vibrating his left gonad or some other part of the body. This is a medium-sized white dry erase board (about 11” x 15”), suitable for parlor or stage, and its devilish design informs the performer which of five areas of the board has been erased. The rest is up to the imagination of the performer. What’s written on the board can be anything, words, pictures, etc. Any mentalist with a brain in his head can device a variety of themed effects based in this principle. I wanted to test the device’s range, so I had my wife erase the board while I walked a distance from her with the receiver. I stopped testing after I was two rooms away, with doors closed between both rooms. The thing worked perfectly. Then I got itchy and had my wife erase the board when I was on the other side of the house, doors closed between rooms. It worked. Then I went upstairs, closed doors … and it still worked. Yikes. Nice job, Cobra Technology people from the Land of Milk and Honey. This board looks absolutely run-of-the-mill, free of guile, and is anything but. Three AAA batteries and a carrying case are supplied. The dry erase markers (un-gimmicked) are not.

    New magic review by "Enjoy magic review" Germany



    Erasing ex's 

    The spectator is asked to write down on a whiteboard the names of 4 of their ex-partners. The magician then blindfolds himself and asks the spectator to erase the names of the board one-by-one. Every time they erase a name the magician reveals which name they chose. This routine is highly entertaining and can serve as a good ice-breaker. 

    You’ll receive a great technique on how to prevent any faulty memory concerns. You can relax and be totally focused on the presentation. 



    The magician introduces an envelope containing a prediction. He then asks a volunteer to write down the names of 4 different countries on one side of the whiteboard and the names of 4 of their relatives on the other side. The magician then blindfolds himself. The volunteer starts to erase some of the countries. As they are doing that, the magician miraculously guesses which countries they chose to eliminate. The same goes for the relatives. Eventually there is only one country and one relative left. The magician then opens the envelope that was sitting on the table the entire time and reveals that there is a letter inside with 1 plane tickets on the relative’s name -  and the destination is the correct country.


    In this act written by our founder Yaniv Levy, you will be able to find out your spectator's favorite celebrity, the one he has a crush on, his least favorite one and so on.
    You can even do it blindfolded, and as for the revelation you will be able to look the spectator in the eyes and spell the name they are thinking of, without ever peaking their board.
    Can amaze either small audiences and big ones and fools the most skeptic audiences

    Drinks/ food
    With this humorous act written by our founder Yaniv Levy, you will be able to find out one's favorite drink or food ,the one that made them have the funniest night of their life, the ones they just cant get near and so on.
    You get a script for this version, but feel free to be creative and make your own.
    You can even do it blindfolded, and with another ungimmicked board you have a great revelation to use, that ends with both of you have the same name written on both boards, at the exact same spot as the other. Gets a great standing ovation , can work for close up, parlour or stage acts.