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Brooklyn's Most Illustrious Magicians

Brooklyn, a vibrant borough of New York City, is known for its distinctive culture, diverse arts scene, and unique personalities. Among its various forms of entertainment, magic holds a special place, enchanting audiences of all ages. Today, we'll delve into the spellbinding world of Brooklyn's most famous magicians, their mesmerizing contributions and the magic communities they are part of.

1. David Blaine

David Blaine, born and raised in Brooklyn, is an internationally acclaimed magician, famous for his endurance stunts and street magic. Breaking the mold of traditional magic performances, Blaine's raw and interactive style interacts directly with his audience, leaving them bewildered and awestruck.

Co-founder of 'Magic Lab,' Blaine has been instrumental in shaping the philosophy of this group. 'Magic Lab' is a community that takes an innovative approach to conjuring, seeking to blur the lines between reality and the supernatural.

2. Joshua Jay

Joshua Jay is another prominent figure in Brooklyn's magic scene. A world-class performer, author, and lecturer on magic, Jay never fails to capture his audience's attention with his elaborate tricks and captivating storytelling.

Jay actively participates in 'Monday Night Magic,' New York's longest-running Off-Broadway magic show. His contribution to this community, both as a performer and mentor, is invaluable.

3. Tanya Solomon

The magic scene in Brooklyn isn't just about men. Tanya Solomon, a notable female magician, brings a touch of femininity and glamour to her spectacular performances. Known for her mind-boggling tricks, Solomon infuses her acts with a mixture of comedy and drama.

Solomon is an integral part of 'Bindlestiff Family Cirkus,' a variety performance community based in Brooklyn. Her role in promoting interactive and inclusive performances within this community is notable.

4. Noah Levine

Noah Levine, known for his sophisticated and intellectual style of magic, has been at the forefront of modernizing the craft. Levine blends elements of mystery, psychology, and illusion to create an immersive magic experience.

Levine runs 'Magic After Hours,' a unique magic community that provides intimate magic shows in the heart of Brooklyn, fostering a close-knit group of magic enthusiasts and performers.

These renowned magicians of Brooklyn aptly represent the diverse and thriving, yet often overlooked, magic scene in this bustling borough. Hailing from different backgrounds and holding unique approaches to magic, they've contributed significantly to the growth and allure of the magic communities they participate in, helping to keep the flame of wonder and excitement burning bright in Brooklyn.

The Mystical Magic Society of Brooklyn, New York

New York City, known for its vibrancy and diversity, has always been a hub for enthusiasts of every stripe. Amongst them, the Magic Society in Brooklyn stands as a testament to the City's vibrant subculture scene. The Society is a pulsating beacon illuminating the path for magic enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals, imprinting a meaningful impact on the broader society.

The Membership

Currnetly, the Magic Society in Brooklyn boasts a membership of approximately 300 strong. This number is comprised of individuals of diverse backgrounds, all of whom share an insatiable love for magic. This includes aspiring magicians, professional conjurors, and those captivated by the ethereal world of magical arts.

Location and Activity

Nestled amidst Brooklyn’s cultural setting, the Society's headquarters are situated in a unique and historical building that reflects its character. Its location plays a significant part in nurturing a community spirit amongst members, fostering an environment of learning, and sharpening one's skills.

The Magic Society holds a vast array of activities catering to all things magical. The menu of events includes master classes by skilled magicians, magic workshops for beginners, guest lectures, and magic performances dedicated to both public audiences and fellow members. The Society also has special interest groups for experts dealing with various specialties within magic, such as Illusion magic, Close-up magic, etc.


One of the biggest highlights of the Society is its annual conferences. These events are usually full day affairs, lasting around eight hours from the initial meet and greet session to the grand finale performance. Noteworthy magicians from across the globe are invited to these conferences, adding glitters to its blazon. Not only is it an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and networking, but it's also a way for members to exhibit their twist on classic tricks or showcase entirely unique illusions.


In conclusion, the Magic Society of Brooklyn is more than just a location or a group of people; it's a thriving commune where magic comes alive in the most mundane moments. It nurtures talent and ignites a love for magic that transcends the boundaries of the stage. The Society holds a mirror to the mesmerizing world of magic, enchanting the heart of Brooklyn, indeed, New York City as a whole.

The Charm of Magic Shops in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York, is known for a host of attractions, but few are as magical as the array of magic shops sprinkled throughout the borough. These shops offer a select variety of products and services that spark wonder, intrigue, and delight for both young and old enthusiasts. Step into a world of magic and mystique as these magic shops transport you to a realm steeped in enchantment and surprise.

Fantasma Magic

One standout shop is Fantasma Magic, a premier magic establishment that's been delighting enthusiasts with a vast catalogue of supplies and props for years. They offer unique and intriguing magic items at various price points, making magic accessible to novices and professionals alike. The store is also host to magic shows and seminars, extending a learning space for anyone keen to delve deeper into the art of this mystic world.

Brooklyn Charm

Next, Brooklyn Charm is a jewelry shop like no other. Their charm lies in their DIY approach to jewelry-making. While not a conventional magic shop, they allow customers to create pieces steeped in magic and personalized symbolism. Their range of vintage and antique charms inspire a sense of nostalgia that is truly spellbinding.

Tannen's Magic Shop

Another shop that deserves mention is Tannen’s Magic Shop. It carries a range of products for magic enthusiasts, boasting a selection that is as wide as it is diverse. Here, you can find everything from classic magic books and card decks to unique magic tricks and illusionist devices. Staffed by knowledgeable and passionate team members, Tannen’s is a go-to hub for both budding and established magicians.

Brooklyn's magic shops successfully offer an experience that is steeped in tradition while simultaneously embracing modern magic trends. From classic tricks that have stood the test of time to contemporary takes on the illusionary arts, these shops have it all. Regardless of your skill level or familiarity with magic, they assure an experience that is as exciting as it is captivating.


Please note that although magic shops are truly delightful places, children must be supervised by an adult while visiting. Also, please remember that magic tricks can be dangerous if not performed correctly so always exercise caution and follow all safety guidelines. Happy magical shopping in Brooklyn!

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