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The Wondrous Magicians of Manhattan: Conjurers You Must Know

New York City, the city of Broadway and dazzling lights, is home to a myriad of world-renowned magicians who have left their audience spellbound with their stupefying stunts and mesmerizing illusions. Here in Manhattan, magic shows attract audiences like no other. In this article, we delve deeper into the lives of Manhattan's most celebrated illusionists and the magic communities they actively participate in.

Dan White – The Sorcerer of The NoMad Hotel

Every weekend, Dan White conjures his magic at The NoMad Hotel in Manhattan. His performances blend storytelling with mind-bending illusions, intricately creating an aura of mystery and enchantment. White's performances have not only made him a beloved Manhattan magician but have also garnered the attention of celebrities worldwide. Over the years, he has performed magic for the likes of Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert. He is an active participant of 'The Society of American Magicians', contributing his knowledge and expertise to this illustrious community of fellow magicians.

David Blaine – The Modern Day Houdini

David Blaine, often referred to as the modern-day Houdini, is unforgettable. His death-defying stunts, submerged in a water-filled sphere or buried alive, have pushed the boundaries of magic, endurance, and mind over body. Known for his street magic, his feats are as shocking as they are captivating, taking audience engagement to heights never seen before. An active member of the 'Magic Circle', Blaine is known to share his thrilling experiences with their members while learning and evolving with the magic community.

Steve Cohen – The Millionaires’ Magician

A showman like no other, Steve Cohen, known as the 'Millionaires' Magician', offers an intimate parlor magic show at the grand Lotte New York Palace. His enchanting "Chamber Magic" performances are reminiscent of 19th-century parlor magic shows, with Cohen bringing a modern flair to otherwise classic tricks. Apart from being an international sensation, Cohen is a notable member of 'The International Brotherhood of Magicians'. Here, he contributes actively to promoting the art and maintaining the ethics of the magician community.

Harrison Greenbaum - The Comedic Conjurer

Breathing life to the world of illusions with a dash of humor is Harrison Greenbaum. Known for his comedic magic shows, Greenbaum consistently leaves audiences in fits of laughter. His unique mix of magic and comedy makes him stand out even amidst the bright stars of Manhattan. He is a regular performer at the 'Manhattan Magic Lounge', a magic-focused performative community that consistently brings in new talent and fresh performances.

The enchanting world of magic in Manhattan is ever-evolving, with these magicians continually pushing the boundaries of the art. Witnessing their performances is an intriguing event - a time-stopping experience that stays with you, even after the tricks are over. And it's not just about the individual magician either. Communities like 'The Society of American Magicians', 'The Circle of Magic', 'The International Brotherhood of Magicians', and venues like the 'Manhattan Magic Lounge', serve as platforms for these magicians to learn, grow, and share their magically intriguing narratives.

Discover the Magic: An Insight into Manhattan’s Magic Society

The city of New York, specifically Manhattan, is a hub of arts and innovation. Shine a little light on a particular corner of this vibrant metropolis and you'll find something quite extraordinary: the Manhattan Magic Society. This remarkable society is filled with individuals sharing a common interest - the art of magic.

The Manhattan Magic Society is home to over 200 members. Each of these members brings unique ideas, skills, and a passion for all things magical. The members range from skilled professionals to ardent enthusiasts, all united by their love for the world of illusion and trickery.

Field of Activity

The Manhattan Magic Society is focused primarily on the study and performance of magic. Their field of activity includes researching the history of magic, practicing new tricks and illusions, perfecting stage presence, and performing for audiences. They hold group sessions for members to learn and share new tricks, and they are also frequently invited to perform at local and city-wide events, promoting the art of magic to a wider audience.


Though the society has a global footprint, its physical roots are firmly planted in the heart of Manhattan. The Society meets at an undisclosed location on a regular basis, maintaining an air of secrecy and mystery in true magical style. It offers the perfect space for learning, collaboration, and performance, fostering a supportive and engaging environment for its members.

Meetings and Conferences

Regular meetings are a key part of the Manhattan Magic Society's calendar. These meetings allow members to get together, share ideas, and learn new tricks. They also offer the opportunity for budding magicians to perform in front of a supportive and understanding audience, improving their presentation and stage presence skills.

Additionally, the society organizes an annual conference. The conference usually runs over a weekend and includes guest speakers from the world of magic, sharing their knowledge and expertise. This provides a fantastic chance to network, learn more about the industry, and even perfect those tricky sleights of hand!

The Manhattan Magic Society isn't just about magic tricks, it's about community, learning, and sharing a passion. Here's to celebrating the magic in Manhattan!

The Magic in Manhattan: A Guide to Magic Shops in the Big Apple

Manhattan is a vibrant hub known for its diversity, art, culture, and cuisine. But did you know it's also a hotspot for magic and illusion? Step away from the mainstream, and you'll discover a fascinating world of magic shops hidden in the city's every nook and cranny. This guide will take you on a mystical journey through some of the best magic shops Manhattan has to offer.

Tannen's Magic

Founded in 1925, Tannen's Magic is one of the oldest magic shops in the world and a true kite mark of Manhattan's magic scene. This store offers an extensive range of magic supplies, from beginner's magic sets to professional quality tricks and illusions. With a history that includes numerous famous clientele, Tannen's isn't just a store – it's a living piece of NYC's magic history.

Fantasma Magic

Located in the Penn-Plaza district, Fantasma Magic stands out for its interactive shopping experience. Visitors are treated to magic demonstrations, workshops, and personalized insights from renowned magicians. In addition to its impressive selection of magic paraphernalia, Fantasma houses the Houdini Museum of New York, offering insights into the life and legacy of the famous escapologist.

Al's Magic Shop

Hidden in plain sight, Al's Magic Shop is a beloved local gem. This small, family-run business has a warm and friendly atmosphere, perfect for budding magicians. With an array of unique tricks and props that are somewhat of a rarity in larger stores, Al's makes a point of sharing the magic of illusion with everyone.

Magician's Warehouse

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious novice, Magician's Warehouse is a must-visit. This warehouse specializes in wholesale magic merchandise, offering an extensive array of props, gimmicks, and illusion systems. Extraordinary customer service and knowledgeable staff make Magician's Warehouse a dream for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of magic.

Magic Inc.

Last but not least, Magic Inc. is a magic emporium known for its high-quality products and impressive collection. From enchanting books to mysterious puzzles and brain teasers, Magic Inc. is surely the place where every magic lover will find something intriguing to bring home.

So, there you have it – a brief journey through some of Manhattan’s finest purveyors of the magical arts. Whether you’re a seasoned illusionist or just looking to pick up a new hobby, these magic shops are worth a visit. You never know – you might just find yourself spellbound by the wonders they have to offer.

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