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Fascinating Magicians of The Bronx, New York

New York City is buzzing with numerous entertainers, but for magic enthusiasts, certain performers from the Bronx stand out. I present to you, five magicians who rose to fame in this lively borough, along with the unique magic communities to which they belong. Each magician has harnessed their gift with illusion, deception, and sleight of hand, bringing magic to life right in front of audiences' eyes.

Mike Super

Mike Super, winner of the NBC show "Phenomenon" and finalist on "America's Got Talent", has been a resident of Bronx, New York since early childhood. He boasts a dazzling fusion of mystery, drama, spontaneous comedy, and spectacular performances. Mike is part of The Society of American Magicians, one of the oldest and most prestigious magical organizations, where he shares his success techniques and mentors upcoming magicians.

Eric DeCamps

Eric DeCamps, recipient of the prestigious "Magician of the Year" award by The Society of American Magicians, has been enchanting audiences with his brilliant touch of classic conjuring. His spellbinding performances echo in the International Brotherhood of Magicians Hall of Fame, where he's a dripping source of inspiration for aspirant magicians.

R.J. Lewis

R.J. Lewis, a full-time professional magician, combines magic, comedy, and theater into a captivating show. Known as a “Broadway-style” magician, R.J. inspires and engages his audiences, leaving them in awe. He contributes actively in The Conjuring Arts Research Center, where magicians from all walks of life gather to share and explore new ideas, and challenge the boundaries of their craft.

David Blaine

David Blaine, world-renowned for his audacious endurance stunts alongside his innovative magic, is also a proud son of the Bronx. His television specials have pushed the envelope and redefined both street magic and televised illusion shows. Apart from performing, Blaine devotes time to Magicana, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, exploration, and advancement of magic arts.

Rich Marotta

Another Bronx honed talent, Rich Marotta, an audacious comedian, and magician, has carved his own unique path, uniting humor with mind-blowing magic. Renowned for his performances at comedy clubs, private parties, and corporate events, Rich is an active member of The Magic Castle, a clubhouse for international magicians in Hollywood, where he often performs and shares his expertise with younger generations.

It's fascinating to discover how much magic the Bronx, New York, has to offer. The magic communities these magicians belong to provide a mesmerizing peek behind the curtain, uniting the unique talents and enthusiasts of this wondrous art form.

So if these captivating characters have sparked a charming curiosity within you, don't miss an opportunity to be bedazzled by their performances in the heart of the Bronx, where the magic truly comes to life!

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The Magic Society in Bronx, New York

For those enchanted by the art of illusion and sleight of hand, there is a special place tucked away in the bustle of New York City. Specifically, in the borough of Bronx, a community of magicians, illusionists, and fans of the mystic arts exists: The Bronx Magic Society.

Member Base

While the exact number of members fluctuates, the society boasts approximately 250 loyal and active members. It's comprised of professional and amateur magicians, magic enthusiasts, and those with a keen interest in the mystic arts. The society is not just local - it also welcomes international members, fostering a diverse and global community of magic aficionados.

Field of Activity

The Bronx Magic Society is very active in the promotion and training of magic arts. They conduct regular workshops, seminars, and active training sessions where members can learn new tricks, refine their practices, and broaden their understanding of this ancient art form. The society is celebrated for its skilled magicians who mentor and tutor novices, creating an enriching environment of learning and practice. They also encourage members to perform at events and offer competitive opportunities to showcase their talent.


Located in the heart of Bronx, the society holds its meetings and workshops at a distinctive old-world styled center, adding an atmosphere of otherworldliness and charm to their sessions. Despite being in a busy borough, it offers a tranquil escape for the magic community to practice, socialize, and come together.


The Bronx Magic Society hosts an annual conference, typically lasting over a weekend. The conference includes an array of activities, including informative lectures, performances, workshops, and a grand magical gala. These conferences are designed to provide members with opportunities to network, learn, and engage with the wider magic community. Though each conference's length can vary, they usually span two to three days.

The Bronx Magic Society is a linchpin in fostering the magic community's growth and development in New York and beyond. It is a pillar of support for seasoned and novice magicians alike and stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the magic arts.

Discovering the Magic of Bronx: A Guide to Magic Shops in the Bronx, New York

The bustling city doesn't generally bode well with magic, yet there is an undeniable mystique that surrounds New York. The Bronx, in particular, takes this enchantment up a notch with a collection of magic shops that will both captivate and delight. Every magic shop listed here offers a unique charm that is sure to resonate with novices, hobbyists, and professional magicians alike.

Tannen's Magic Shop

While originally located in Manhattan, Tannen's Magic Shop has spread its influence to the Bronx as well. Recognized as the oldest operating magic shop in New York City, one can find everything from magic kits, trick cards, to top-quality professional magic apparatus. Tannen's also boasts an impressive list of patrons including famous names in the magic industry. With their diverse selection and helpful staff, Tannen's is a true haven for magic enthusiasts.

The Magic Nevin's

Up next in our magical journey is the Magic Nevin's. This beloved gem, nestled in the heart of the Bronx, is a dream come true for those fond of illusions and sleight of hand tricks. The store prides itself on an extensive selection of magic equipment to fit all ranges of ability. The Magic Nevin's is also known for its friendly staff, who are always eager to provide advice and guidance to anyone seeking to delve deeper into the world of magic.

Out of the Hat Magic Company

Last but certainly not least, we have the Out of the Hat Magic Company. This independent magic shop in the Bronx is an ode to the dazzling and the whimsical. The owners are experienced magicians themselves and this personalized touch is evident in their careful curation of magic kits, trick coins, books, and other magic merchandise. Equally impressive is their dedication to the local magic community, where they host regular workshops and demonstrations.

The magic shops in the Bronx each offer a vibrant collection of magic materials as well as a welcoming community space. Every visit is bound to reveal something new, the perfect mirror to the art of magic itself. Whether you're just starting your magic journey or you're an experienced magician, you're sure to find a place in the rich tapestry that makes up the magic community of the Bronx.

Remember, these stores are not just for buying tricks, they are for becoming part of the magic community, to learn, grow, and share the joy of magic. Happy conjuring!

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