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The Magic of Prescott: Celebrating Local Magicians

1. David Swing

David Swing, often referred to as the 'Master of Illusion,' is a well-known magician based in the heart of Prescott, Arizona. His work in the field of magic isn't merely confined to performing mind-blowing feats, but also includes educating the young, budding stars who wish to carve their own niche in the world of magic. Swing specializes in close-up magic and street magic, enticing audiences with his fascinating performances.

Beyond his magic performances, David actively participates in various magic communities. He is a respected member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), the world's largest magic organization. Not just that, but David is also a part of The Society of American Magicians (SAM), an organization that aims to cultivate a spirit of brotherhood amongst those who have a genuine appreciation for magic.

2. Eric Gilliam

Eric Gilliam, a magician who blends classic magic techniques with modern concepts, secures a well-deserved spot in the list of famous magicians of Prescott. His performances will leave you questioning reality, taking you to a mystical world where even the impossible flips to possible.

Apart, Eric is involved with Young Magicians' Club (YMC) in Prescott, a community designed to inspire and support the young and talented magicians in town. Besides adding his inputs to the club, Eric often conducts workshops targeting both beginners and advanced learners.

3. Dan Lindgren

With more than a decade's experience under his belt, Dan Lindgren is no stranger to the Arizona magic landscape with a strong base in Prescott. He flawlessly combines his humor with his tricks, which sets him apart from most magicians today. Also, his adaptability to perform in various settings, be it close-up or on stage, is worth admiring.

In terms of magic communities' participation, Lindgren frequently attends meetings at Prescott Magic Circle, a local community of magicians. Here, he shares his experience, guides the younger generation, and even learns from his peers.

Wrapping Up

Prescott's magic scene is as lively as ever, thanks to the effort of these incredibly talented magicians. They've positively influenced the magic communities in the city with their contribution, helping to create a nurturing environment for magic enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing Prescott's thriving magic scene continue to evolve and inspire future generations.

The Magic Society In Prescott, Arizona

In the heart of Arizona, nestled in the city of Prescott, exists a cordial and enigmatic community of passionate individuals—the Magic Society. Delving into the art and mystery of magic, this society is steeped in intrigue and camaraderie. In this piece, we turn the curtain back a little and take a peek into this enchanting world.

Membership and Field of Activity

The Magic Society currently carries a diverse membership comprising approximately 150 members. This is more than just a group of hobbyists; it features an array of performers including professional magicians who personify the vibrant tapestry of magic with their rich experiences and styles.

The field of activity of the Magic Society spans across various expressions of magic: from sleight of hand tricks to grand illusion, parlor magic to mentalism, and much more. It is a rich amalgamation of magic in all its forms, textures, and variations. Members from all backgrounds, professional or amateurs, share their magic, learn from each other, and carry the communal commitment to preserve the essence of the art.

Location of the Society

The Magic Society is located right in the heart of Prescott. The Society meets at a central location which allows for easy access for members coming from all corners of the city. The surroundings mirror the whimsy characteristic of magic itself suitable to engage and inspire both its members and interested visitors.

Conferences and Gatherings

The Magic Society prides itself on hosting regular conferences and gatherings. These events allow members to not only share and learn new tricks and illusions but also discuss the nuances of performance, audience interaction, and the craft’s evolving nature.

The conferences last for about two to three hours, depending on the agenda. They often include sessions by seasoned magicians, interactive demos, discussions, and also a congenial space for networking. The Society also holds an annual convention, a more extensive event that draws attention from magic communities outside of Prescott. This convention is an enriching experience of celebrating the art and culture of magic.

To conclude, the Magic Society of Prescott, with its varied membership, wide field of activity, intriguing location, and engaging conferences, embodies the heart and soul of the magic community in that part of Arizona. Through its commitment to the art and its practitioners, the Society adds a generous dash of enchantment and fascination to the city of Prescott.

Discovering Magic Shops in Prescott, Arizona

Prescott, Arizona, a city known for its historical charm and picturesque landscapes, harbors a little-known secret: it is home to enchanting magic shops that captivate both locals and visitors alike. These hidden gems offer a glimpse into the mystical and the mysterious, providing everything from magical supplies to captivating performances. Here’s a guide to some of the magic shops you can discover in Prescott.

Mystic Emporium

Nestled in the heart of downtown Prescott, Mystic Emporium offers a unique blend of magic and curiosity. This cozy shop is filled with a multitude of magical supplies including spell books, wands, crystals, and potions. Whether you’re a practicing magician or simply a fan of the mystical arts, Mystic Emporium welcomes all. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to provide guidance or share insights into the origins and uses of their magical wares.

The Wizard’s Den

A few blocks away, The Wizard’s Den stands as a haven for those fascinated by sleight of hand and illusion. This shop specializes in magic tricks and props for magicians of all skill levels. From classic rabbit-in-hat tricks to more sophisticated illusions, The Wizard’s Den caters to a wide audience. They also host magic workshops and live demonstrations, making it a vibrant community hub for magic enthusiasts.

Enchanted Grove

On the outskirts of Prescott, Enchanted Grove offers a serene escape into the world of metaphysical and spiritual magic. This shop focuses on healing crystals, tarot cards, and spiritual guides, providing tools and knowledge for personal growth and enlightenment. The tranquil ambiance and the friendly, expert staff make Enchanted Grove an ideal place for both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.


Prescott, Arizona, may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of magic, but its quaint magic shops provide a fascinating exploration into the world of the mystical and the magical. Each shop offers its unique charm, catering to a wide range of interests and skill levels. Whether you’re seeking magical supplies, interested in learning about magic, or looking for a new, captivating performance, Prescott’s magic shops are sure to enchant and inspire.

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