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The Most Famous Magicians in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, besides its distinction for iconic vistas and the Grand Canyon, is also recognized for being home to some of the most extraordinary magicians in the United States. These magicians have brought excitement, wonder, and awe to audiences across the city and beyond. Let's take a closer look at some of the most celebrated magicians in Phoenix.

Craig Davis

Primarily known for his creativity in combining magic and circus skills, Craig Davis is a renowned name in the magic community of Phoenix. His shows encapsulate you with a whirl of mystery, illusion, and imagination that leaves the audience captivated. Davis's enchanting performance is not confined to Phoenix alone; he has shown his prowess nationwide at various theaters, festivals, and corporate events.

Craig is an active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Phoenix Magic Club, where his expertise and uniqueness have won him numerous accolades.

Richard Steele

A master in close-up magician, Richard Steele is a significant figure in Phoenix's magic domain. His magic is deeply personal, often performed in close settings that make the viewer a part of the experience. Richard has a knack for creating magical moments that resonate with genuine astonishment and joy.

Besides being a performer, Steele is an active member at the Phoenix Society of Magicians where he continuously shares his knowledge and prowess amongst peers and novices.

Eric Giliam

Another remarkable magician is Eric Giliam, who began his journey into the mystical universe of magic at a young age. His vibrant performances combine traditional magic with a modern twist that always leaves the audience asking for more. His illusions have been honed to perfection, leaving even the most skeptical viewers in awe.

Eric is part of the Alliance of Illusionists in Phoenix, a society that encourages the sharing of magical ideas. Furthermore, he is a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, widely considered a prestigious institution in the magical world.

Brett Barry

Situated in Phoenix, Brett Barry is an acclaimed magician known for his interactive and engaging shows. His performances are a unique blend of mind-reading, slight of hand, and humor that genuinely engages the audience. Brett is known for making his shows an experience to remember for the attendees.

Brett is an acclaimed member of the American Society of Magicians Phoenix Ring, where he continues to challenge the boundaries of conventional magic, making him a favorite in the community.

Indeed, Phoenix, Arizona is a place where magic thrives. From traditional to modern, close-up to grand illusions, these magicians are a testament to the vibrant and varied magical community in the city. Their performances are not only meant to entertain but also to keep the tradition of magic alive and ever-evolving.

The Hidden Phoenix: Arizona's Flourishing Magic Society

Drenched in the warmth of the southwestern sun, Phoenix, Arizona, isn't just about cacti and cowboy culture. This city brings to light something equally enchanting yet often overlooked: its Magic Society. The Magic Society of Phoenix is a spellbinding blend of skilled illusionists, amateur magicians, and enthralled enthusiasts unified by their shared fascination for the 'art of magic'.

The society enjoys a robust membership of over 200 individuals and counting. Members comprise hobbyists who want to add some sparkle to their free time, professionals aspiring to dazzle, and conjurers who have already made it big. The diversified roster is why the Society is fondly referred to as a delightful melting pot of magic.

Operating from the enchanting heart of Arizona, the Magic Society of Phoenix operates predominantly within the city limits but doesn't shy away from making appearances and leaving their unique mark in magic conventions and gatherings organized throughout the state, lighting up the faces of attendees with their mind-boggling performances.

As for its activities, the Society's field of work is as diverse as its membership. Beyond the usual workshops and magical jam sessions, the Society also engages in mentoring budding illusionists, organising magic competitions, and facilitating grand magic shows that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Educational programs and seminars hosted by the Society also cover the history and theory of magic, enhancing the members' knowledge scope about this magical sphere.

The centre of activity for the Magic Society is their annual Magic Convention, typically held in the serene and dreamy spring season. The convention is usually a gruelling, fun-filled affair lasting three days and two nights. It is a splendid mix of magic shows, competitions, workshops and the frequent reveal of new magic tricks. It is eagerly awaited as an opportunity to engage, learn, and appreciate the marvels of magic.

In conclusion, Phoenix's Magic Society is not only an ordinary society; it's a vibrant hub for magic lovers, a space where the mysteries of magic are unveiled and transformed into a breathtaking spectacle. So, the next time you find yourself in the sun-soaked streets of Phoenix, take a moment to pay tribute to this gleaming gem in Arizona’s crown – its Magic Society.

Discovering the Enchantment: Magic Shops in Phoenix, Arizona

The city of Phoenix, nestled in the heart of Arizona, is not just a place of scenic deserts and vibrant culture; it's also a hub for the mystical and the magical. Whether you are an aspiring magician looking to hone your craft, a hobbyist in search of your next trick, or simply a fan of the art of illusion, Phoenix's magic shops offer a treasure trove of resources. Let's explore some of the most notable magic establishments in the city.

Fantasia Magic Emporium

Located in the bustling heart of Phoenix, Fantasia Magic Emporium is a haven for magic enthusiasts. The shop boasts an impressive collection of magic tools, from classic card decks to more complex illusion apparatuses. The knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice, share a trick or two, and guide both novices and seasoned professionals in their magical journey. Weekly magic shows and workshops also make Fantasia a community hub for local magicians.

The Conjurer's Cabinet

Stepping into The Conjurer's Cabinet is like entering another world—one filled with mystery and intrigue. This shop specializes in rare and vintage magic paraphernalia, perfect for collectors and those looking to add a unique piece to their performance. The interior is reminiscent of an old-world curiosity shop, complete with antique cabinets filled with arcane books, potion bottles, and mystical artifacts. The staff here are passionate about the history of magic and are always eager to share stories behind their most peculiar items.

Magic Spectacle

For those who prefer a modern twist to their magic supplies, Magic Spectacle is the place to visit. This sleek, contemporary shop features the latest in magic technology, from electronic gadgets that enhance illusions to cutting-edge performance props. Magic Spectacle is especially popular among magicians who incorporate multimedia elements into their acts. In addition to their product range, they offer virtual reality (VR) sessions that allow customers to practice in a simulated performance environment, fine-tuning their craft before taking it to the live stage.

Illusionist's Haven

A cozy shop tucked away in a quiet corner of Phoenix, Illusionist's Haven is a hidden gem within the city's magic community. It's known for its personalized customer service and intimate magic classes, which cater to small groups for more in-depth learning. The selection of products here includes bespoke magic sets, handcrafted by local artisans, and a curated assortment of books that delve into both the technique and lore of magic. Illusionist's Haven is a sanctuary for those seeking a deeper connection with the magical arts.


Phoenix's magic shops are more than just retail spaces; they are gateways to a world of imagination and wonder. Each establishment offers something unique, catering to different tastes and areas of magical interest. Whether you're a performer looking to captivate audiences, a collector on the hunt for rare finds, or a beginner eager to learn, Phoenix holds a rich array of magical resources just waiting to be explored. The city's magic shops remind us that magic is everywhere, if only we know where to look.

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