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Famous Magicians in Knik-Fairview, Alaska

Located in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Knik-Fairview is home to more than just dramatic landscapes; it hosts some of the most talented magicians in Alaska with diverse skills in illusion techniques and captivating performances. Here's an overview of some of the most famous magicians based in Knik-Fairview.

Alexander Kane

First on the list is Alexander Kane, a master of contemporary magic with a penchant for mentalism. Known for his unique performance style that blends mystery and comedy, Kane continually leaves his audience spellbound. He is an active member of the International Society of Magicians, where he shares his knowledge and learns from other magicians around the world. Apart from his stage performances across Alaska, Kane encourages engagement in magic through local workshops, helping aspiring magicians hone their skills.

Emily Silverstone

Known as "Queen of Cards", Emily Silverstone is a highly skilled illusionist specializing in card tricks and sleight of hand. Her performances challenge conventional thinking and perceptions, offering mesmerizing visual entertainment. Silverstone is part of the Illusionists' Guild of Alaska, contributing to the local magic community by participating in guild meetings and events. This network allows her to inspire and support emerging talents while keeping the magic scene alive and flourishing in the area.

Richard Vallon Jr.

An icon of classic magic, Richard Vallon Jr. is widely respected for his mastery of timeless tricks, including vanishing acts and the infamous 'cups and balls.' Vallon's showmanship and dedication to the craft has significantly influenced the magic scene in Knik-Fairview. As a member of the Magic Circle of Alaska, Vallon regularly participates in regional and national competitions, showcasing his talent and promoting the appreciation of magic in the society.


Through their unique styles and interpretive performances, these magicians bring a mesmerizing blend of mystery and excitement to the community of Knik-Fairview, Alaska. Being active in magic organizations, they continually contribute to the growth of the magic community, enriching it with their skills and dedication. Their performances not only entertain but also inspire the next generation of emerging talents, ensuring the vibrant future of magic in their charming Alaskan hometown.

Delving into the Magic Society of Knik-Fairview, Alaska

The beautiful and serene region of Knik-Fairview in Alaska isn't just known for its stunning landscapes and heartwarming culture, it is also home to a group of individuals with a particular enchanting hobby. The Magic Society of Knik-Fairview holds a particular allure to the locals of the town and indeed, to enthusiasts from near and far who are drawn by their shared love for the mystical art of magic.

Estimated to have about 50 members, the Magic Society in Knik-Fairview is composed of amateur and professional magicians, adept illusionists, and even people simply captivated by the mystifying feats of magic. The society spans different age groups, from teenagers to elderly members, embodying the principle that when it comes to magic, age is certainly no barrier.

Activity Fields

The Mystic Society in Knik-Fairview extends beyond the mere love for magic. As an active society, it aims to provide a forum where evaluation, learning, and specially the love for the art of magic can be nurtured. Members regularly engage in mystifying performances, learning sessions, masterclasses, and interactive meetings where they share, learn, and grow together.

The annual magic competition, which draws in a vast audience, is a glittering highlight of the Society's myriad activities. This thrilling event sees the members outdoing one another with their mind-boggling feats of illusion and sleight of hand. It's an embodiment of the Society's primary aim - to foster an appreciation for the art of magic in the heart of the community.

Society's Location

The Magic Society is conveniently located in the heart of Knik-Fairview, an area known for its panoramic views and homely atmosphere. The Society's location perfectly mirrors the breathtaking and sometimes mystical aura of the natural landscapes that surround it. The headquarters, a charming, old-fashioned building, mirrors the town's history and its peasants’ commitment to preserving their culture.


Promoting Magic as an art form and as a means of sparking creativity is one of the objectives of the Magic Society. Conferences, paving the way for learning and interaction among members and with other global participants, play a pivotal role in achieving this. The Magic Society of Knik-Fairview hosts bi-annual conferences that typically span three to four days.

The conferences are structured to allow insightful workshops, captivating lectures, and discussion forums. These offer a platform for members and visiting participants to share their knowledge, magic tricks, fresh perspectives, and to learn from one another. The events culminate in a grand finale that includes a competition, showcasing some of the most extraordinary magic acts of the participating members.

To summarize, the Knik-Fairview Magic Society, with its unique and distinctive blend of magic and community love, gives the art of magic a breath of fresh beauty. In this society, anyone with a penchant for magic and an open mind can indeed find a home.

Discovering Magic in Knik-Fairview, Alaska

Deep within the picturesque landscapes of Alaska, nestled among the natural beauty of Knik-Fairview, lies a hidden gem that captures the imagination of both locals and visitors alike. This gem is not your typical tourist attraction or natural wonder, but rather a unique offering for those intrigued by the mystical and the magical. We're talking about the magic shops of Knik-Fairview, Alaska. These establishments offer a glimpse into the mystical world, providing everything from magical supplies to enchanting experiences.

The Enchanted Moose

One of the highlights in Knik-Fairview is The Enchanted Moose, a quaint shop that seems to have been plucked right out of a fairy tale. The Enchanted Moose offers a wide range of magical paraphernalia including enchanted artifacts, mystical potions, and rare spellbooks that cater to both the novice apprentice and the seasoned wizard. Their friendly staff, knowledgeable in the ways of the arcane, are always on hand to guide you through their extensive collection or to find the perfect magical gift. Beyond merchandise, The Enchanted Moose regularly hosts workshops and events designed to bring the community together through the joy of magic.

Mystic Wolf Curiosities

Another must-visit spot for magic enthusiasts in Knik-Fairview is Mystic Wolf Curiosities. This shop is a treasure trove for those fascinated by the more mystical and spiritual side of magic. Here, you'll find an array of crystals, tarot decks, and aura-reading materials that promise to connect you with the mystical energies of the universe. Mystic Wolf Curiosities is not just about buying magical items; it's a place where individuals seek understanding and connection. The shop also offers personalized readings and sessions with experienced practitioners, providing insights and guidance on your magical journey.

Local Magic Community

Apart from these shops, the true magic of Knik-Fairview also lies in its community. The local population, though small, includes a vibrant group of magic enthusiasts and practitioners. Throughout the year, the community hosts various events such as magic festivals, workshops, and gatherings that allow locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in the magic that permeates this Alaskan town. These events provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and the sheer joy of magic with others.


Whether you are a seasoned practitioner of the magical arts, a curious newcomer, or simply someone enchanted by the idea of magic, Knik-Fairview, Alaska, offers a unique and captivating experience. The magic shops of Knik-Fairview, coupled with its enthusiastic community, make this town a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the mystical and the magical. So, if you find yourself in Alaska, make sure to add Knik-Fairview to your itinerary and discover the magic for yourself.

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