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The Prestigious Magicians of Klawock, Alaska

Despite its small size, tucked away in the panhandle of Southeast Alaska, the town of Klawock is home to a surprisingly rich and vibrant magic community. Today, we’ll delve into the world of illusion and enchantment by spotlighting some of the most famous magicians who call Klawock their home, and explore local magic communities in which they participate.

1. Richard "The Sorcerer" Silverhand

Richard Silverhand, often referred to as "The Sorcerer," is a local legend in Klawock. He started his magic career at a young age and honed his craft meticulously over the years. Richard specializes in card tricks and close-up magic, often leaving spectators in awe with the subtleness and finesse in his performance. Richard is also a proud member of the Southeast Alaska Magic Circle, a passionate community of magicians in this region who gather regularly for workshops and performances.

2. Edna "Madame Mystique" Patterson

Edna Patterson, famously known as "Madame Mystique," draws upon indigenous Tlingit tradition to weave magic into her storytelling. Her performances are a captivating blend of cultural lore and stage illusion that leave audiences both entertained and enriched. Madame Mystique is a stalwart participant in the Magic and Storytelling Society of Klawock, a collective where local magicians combine the magic of spells and stories.

3. "Miraculous" Mike O'Reilly

Mike O'Reilly, known as "Miraculous Mike," has been dazzling the people of Klawock for more than two decades. Known for his dramatic, large-scale illusions and theatrical flair, Mike always leaves his audiences asking, "How did he do that?" He is also an active member of the Alaska Conjurers Club, where he often mentors budding magicians and shares new, innovative illusionary techniques.

4. Sarah "The Conjurer" Forsyth

Sarah Forsyth, popularly called "The Conjurer," is a magician with a love for captivating street magic and interactive performances. Her unique style of magic incorporates humor and infuses elements of surreal mind magic and mentalist techniques. Sarah is an engaged part of the Klawock Street Magicians, an exciting group bringing enchantment to the community at casual, public gatherings.

Despite being far removed from the hustle and bustle of big cities, the magicians of Klawock, Alaska capture the essence of true magic. They prove that magic is not confined to large stages and grand theaters, and that sometimes, the most spellbinding performances arise from the heart of intimate communities. This rich local scene offers everyone the chance to experience magic, one enchanting performance at a time.

The Magic Society of Klawock, Alaska

The tiny Alaskan town of Klawock, tucked away on the western coast on Prince of Wales Island, is home to an intriguing group of individuals. Establishing their unique flair of community, these individuals have come together to form the Magic Society of Klawock. A little-known gem within the world of magical enthusiasts, this society brings a new level of intrigue and wonder to this serene corner of Alaska.

Members and Field of Activity

The society, at present, boasts a potent mix of novices, hobbyists, and trained magicians, totaling 30 members. Their varied backgrounds and unique narratives bring richness to the society and widen its appeal. Despite their differences, they have one thing in common: a deep enthusiasm for the magic arts and a desire to share it with others.

In terms of their activities, the society holds a wide range of them, including but not limited to magic workshops, performances, lectures, and even the occasional magic-themed movie nights. From card tricks to classical illusions, members explore all realms of magic with an insatiable curiosity. They not only learn and perform but also engage with the history and theoretical aspects of the magical arts.

Location and Meetings

Surrounded by the town's rich forests and calming waters, the society is located at the heart of Klawock, in a quaint wooden building. The traditional architecture serves as a reminder of the town's deep-rooted history. The building, with its antique charm, adds an atmospheric touch to their magical gatherings.

As for their meetings, they are held every two weeks, with each session spanning two to three hours, depending on the agenda. The meetings are a much-anticipated event for members, who take this time to share ideas, learn new techniques, and indulge their love for all things magic.


The society also plays host to an annual conference, which is a high point of its calendar. Typically, these conferences last for two days and involve participation from the magic fans across Alaska and sometimes, visitors from other states.

The conferences are a platform for the members to showcase their skills, learn from their predecessors, participate in brainstorming discussions, and foster a stronger sense of fraternity within the magic community.

An interesting meeting point of tradition and the supernatural, the Magic Society of Klawock, Alaska, stands as a testament to the enduring charm and fascination of the magical arts. Whether it be through their weekly meetings or their annual conferences, these magicians continue to foster a sense of wonder and enchantment in this remote Alaskan town.

Discover the Magic of Klawock: Unveiling Its Enchanting Shops

Located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, Klawock is a place where nature's breathtaking beauty is on full display. But there's more to this charming town than meets the eye. For those who believe in magic or are simply intrigued by the mystical, Klawock offers a delightful surprise with its unique magic shops.

Exploring the Enchantment: Magic Shops in Klawock

Klawock may not be the biggest town, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with its captivating offerings for magic enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Here, we delve into the little-known world of Klawock's magic shops.

1. Mystical Echoes

Location: Hidden away on a quiet street, surrounded by the lush Alaskan wilderness, Mystical Echoes is a gem waiting to be discovered. It's known for its welcoming atmosphere that invites you in to explore the mysteries of the unseen.

Specialties: This shop is renowned for its wide selection of handcrafted amulets, enchanted crystals, and rare herbs. Each item in their collection is said to carry its own unique energy, attracting customers from all walks of life. They also offer personalized magic consultations, helping you find the perfect magical tools for your needs.

2. Arcane Delights

Location: Nestled near the heart of Klawock, Arcane Delights is easily accessible and stands out with its whimsical exterior. As soon as you step inside, you're transported to a world where magic knows no bounds.

Specialties: This shop is lauded for its extensive collection of spell books ranging from beginner guides to advanced magical tomes. Moreover, Arcane Delights prides itself on its variety of magical incense and oils, each carefully crafted to enhance your magical workings.

3. The Witch's Brew

Location: Located by the serene waterside, The Witch's Brew offers a tranquil spot for those seeking solace and insight. Its exterior, adorned with symbols and signs, sparks curiosity among passersby.

Specialties: Famed for its spell-casting workshops and psychic reading sessions, The Witch's Brew is a hub for both seasoned practitioners and novices eager to learn about the craft. Their shelves are stocked with locally sourced herbs and potions, adding a unique Alaskan touch to their magical supplies.


To the uninitiated, Klawock's magic shops may simply blend into the enchanting landscape of Alaska. Yet, for those who seek them out, these shops offer a glimpse into the mystical, providing both tools and knowledge for the magical journey. Whether you're a long-time practitioner or new to the world of magic, Klawock's magic shops invite you to explore the depths of your curiosity and perhaps find a bit of magic to take back home.

So, the next time you find yourself in Klawock, take a moment to discover these hidden gems. Who knows what magic you might uncover in the heart of Alaska?

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