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The Illustrious Illusionists of Eielson AFB: A Deep Dive Into Alaska's Premier Magicians

Alaska, with its awe-inspiring natural beauty, may seem like a realm of magic in itself. However, hidden within Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) are some of the most mesmerising magicians, who have become legends in this enigmatic field. From captivating card wizards to mind-boggling mentalists, let's uncover the mystique these magical personalities hold within Eielson AFB.

Dazzling Dave, The Card Conjuror

Known for enchanting Eielson's social scene with his card tricks, Dazzling Dave is an Eielson AFB icon. His expertise lies in close-up magic, particularly involving decks of cards. Often seen performing at local events and private parties, Dave combines his charismatic personality with a deft sleight of hand to leave his audiences awestruck. He has been a proud member of Magic Castle, a private club for magicians in Hollywood.

Mesmerising Mike, The Mentalist

Mike, dubbed Mesmerising Mike has a knack for bending reality with his mentalist illusions. He's known to read minds, predict future events, and make seemingly impossible things happen. Mike is locally famed across the airbase and beyond. His reputation precedes him in the magic community, associated notably with the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.

Enchanting Emma, The Escape Artist

Enchanting Emma, the only woman on our list, is a renowned escape artist. Known for her incredible agility and quick thinking, Emma pushes the limits with her daring escape routines, be it handcuffs or straitjackets. When she's not leaving audiences spellbound with her daring escapades, Emma also contributes her skills to the International Association of Escape Artists.

Astonishing Alex, The Illusionist

Astonishing Alex specializes in larger-than-life illusions that often seem too impossible to be real. From making objects vanish to transfiguration, Alex's stage performances are full of intrigue and suspense. Alex, an active part of the Society of American Magicians, continues to raise the bar for illusions and magical performance on the Eielson AFB.

In conclusion, the world of magic in Eielson AFB is rich and diverse, teeming with talented personalities who continue to amaze, enthrall and inspire audiences with their magical prowess. These magicians truly contribute to the vibrant tapestry of Eielson AFB's local culture, adding an additional layer of enchantment to the air base.

Despite their unique abilities, one thing remains common among them; they have dedicated their lives to the craft of magic, captivating audiences and bringing wonder into our lives. Eielson AFB can certainly boast of a magical community that is second to none.

The Magic Society of Eielson AFB: A Conjuring Community in The Great North

Immerse yourself in a world less ordinary on the edges of Alaska’s wilderness. Hidden within the walls of Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, a unique society thrives on enchanting its onlookers and challenging reality - The Magic Society of Eielson AFB.


With a strong and steadily expanding membership, the society currently boasts a roster of over 50 active members. These include residents of the base, along with several individuals from further afield passionate about the art of magic and illusion. The Magic Society welcomes all, from novices drawn by a fledgling fascination with magic to seasoned magicians eager to showcase their prowess.

Field of Activity

The field of activity for The Magic Society of Eielson AFB is extensive and varied. A haven carved out for magic enthusiasts, the society caters to a wide variety of magical art forms. Illusionism, card magic, mind reading, escapology, and sleight of hand techniques are just a few disciplines you can expect to witness and learn. Above all, the society is a breeding ground for creativity, delivering thrilling performances while continually seeking to evolve and push the bounds of the possible.


True to its name, the Magic Society of Eielson AFB is located within the confines of Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska. Centrally situated, it is nestled amidst the snowy serenity of the Alaskan landscape, offering a captivating backdrop for the spell-binding performances indoors.


The Society executes grand annual conferences that last three days on average. These conferences bring together the members in a harmonious blend of learning and performance. The first day is generally devoted to workshops and lessons, the next to performances and magic contests, and the final day is dedicated to a grand gala show, completely open to the base's population and beyond, filling the audience with awe and wonder.

The Magic Society of Eielson AFB is more than a community; it's where illusion meets reality, daring us to question the impossible. Their passion manifests in the fascinating performances they deliver, transporting spectators to a world filled with mystery, making the Magic Society an unmissable gem in the heart of Eielson AFB.

Discovering Magic Shops at Eielson AFB, Alaska

Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) in Alaska, known for its pivotal role in military defense, might not be the first location that comes to mind when you think of magic shops. However, the enchanting aura of the surrounding landscapes, with its breathtaking northern lights and pristine wilderness, provides a fitting backdrop for mystical explorations. In this guide, we explore whether there are any magic shops within this unique setting for service members, their families, and enthusiasts of the mystical arts.

Investigating Magic Shops in Eielson AFB

Upon a thorough investigation of available amenities and specialty stores within and near the Eielson AFB, it becomes evident that magic shops, as traditionally envisioned, are a rarity in this remote location. The base is primarily focused on serving the practical and day-to-day needs of those stationed here, with a strong emphasis on community support, recreation, and welfare services.

Alternative Venues for Magic Enthusiasts

While traditional magic shops might not be a feature of Eielson AFB's commercial landscape, there are still ways for magic enthusiasts to engage with their passion. Here are a few avenues worth exploring:

  • Community Events and Clubs: Eielson AFB is home to a vibrant community that organizes a multitude of events and clubs. One might find gatherings or clubs with a focus on magic, where enthusiasts can share tricks, experiences, and maybe even magic merchandise.
  • Online Magic Communities and Stores: In today’s digital age, the magic community thrives online. Residents of Eielson AFB can easily access a plethora of magic resources, from instructional videos to magic shops that offer everything from cards to stage props, all available for delivery.
  • Local Alaskan Art and Cultural Shops: The rich cultural tapestry of Alaska offers its own kind of magic. Local shops, especially in nearby Fairbanks, might carry indigenous artifacts, storytelling books, or unique Alaskan memorabilia that encapsulate the magical spirit of the land.

Creating Your Own Magical Experience

For those stationed at Eielson AFB with a keen interest in the mystical and the magical, creating your own magical experience through community engagement, exploration of local Alaskan culture, and online resources might be the way to go. The absence of a physical magic shop doesn’t diminish the potential for magic in everyday life, especially in such a captivating and beautiful location as Eielson AFB, Alaska.

In conclusion, while Eielson AFB may not host traditional brick-and-mortar magic shops, the spirit of magic can still be found in the community’s activities, the rich local culture, and via online platforms. Whether you are a practicing magician or simply someone enchanted by the idea of magic, there are still plenty of ways to explore and engage with the magical arts in this unique setting.

Remember, sometimes the real magic is in the journey of discovery, the friendships we forge, and the new experiences we embrace in the most unexpected of places.

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