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The Most Famous Campus Magicians in Alaska

Alaskan colleges have always been home to the extraordinary, fostering talents in a variety of disciplines. Among the most fascinating of these are the realm of magic and illusion. Several individuals have made waves as captivating magicians. This article takes an in-depth look at some of these puzzle masters and the magic communities they belong to within the colleges of Alaska.

1. Alec Arlen - University of Alaska Fairbanks

Alec Arlen, a Computer Science major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is infamous for his uncanny ability to blend technology and magic into a mesmerising spectacle. His notable performances include a live coding session mixed with card magic during the UAF Tech Fest. On top of his magic prowess, Alec is also an active member of the 'Fairbanks Magic Circle', a local magic community that conducts regular meetups for magic enthusiasts to learn, share, and improve their mystical arts.

2. Emily Elton - Alaska Pacific University

Emily Elton, a Psychology major at Alaska Pacific University, is known for her mentalism performances, which often leave her audience doubting their own senses. Her signature display of reading minds during the APU Arts Week has made her a unavoidable name in the university’s magic lore. Emily also co-founded 'The Gathering', an underground group proselytizing mystical arts and mental exercises for serious magic enthusiasts at APU.

3. Nolan Nester - Anchorage College

Nolan Nester from Anchorage College, with his impeccable hand coordination and slight-of-hand coin tricks, has redefined magic on and off the campus. A Business major, his magic shows often incorporate lessons of financial literacy, making his performances both entertaining and educational. He is one of the founding members of the 'Silver Palms Magic Society', a dedicated group for magic fanatics striving to perfect coin magic within Anchorage College.

4. Sahara Sinclair - University of Alaska Southeast

A Forensic Science major, Sahara Sinclair from the University of Alaska Southeast is another name that reverberates in the campus magic scene. Her uncommon magic style which combines forensic science concepts with illusionary tactics have enthralled audiences during the UAS Science Fair. Sahara is deeply involved with the 'Southeast Spellbinders', a magic society within the university that promotes illusion arts while forming bonds among its diverse members.

These magicians have certainly left their indelible marks in the Alaskan college magic scene, showcasing their unique integration of academic disciplines with the mystic art of magic. The community gatherings for these magic artists signify the importance of shared learning in this field, proving that these colleges in Alaska are fertile grounds for the growth of both innovative education and captivating entertainment.

The Mysteries of the College Alaskan Magic Society


Embedding itself as one of the many enriching facets in the community of College, Alaska, the College Alaskan Magic Society stipulates incandescent fascination. They may not conform to the typical athlete, scholar, or fraternity that dominate campuses, but they embody a certain allure that only magic can proffer.

Who are they?

The College Alaskan Magic Society consists of an engaging collaboration of 200 members who are fervently interested in the world of the esoteric. It is a diverse consortium of students, educators, and even local residents who share a collective passion for the mystical arts.


Established within the verdant grounds of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this society is nestled in the heart of the Tanana Valley, rendering inspiration from the enriching Alaskan wilderness that encompasses it. They enjoy proximity to stunning natural knobs, the cadence of the boreal forest, and the mural of the Aurora Borealis, presenting an environment insurmountably inspiring.

Field of Activity

Their activities weave an interesting platter of enchantment. Meetings range from instructional sessions, interactive workshops, interpretive studies of historical magic forms, to discussions on the philosophy and symbology of magic. The society primarily focuses on areas of stage magic, close-up magic, parlor magic, mentalism, and even ventures into the uncharted territories of cyber illusionism.


A cornerstone of their activities includes the enthralled excitement surrounding the annual conference. These are typically two-day events, organized in the onset of Spring that attracts magic enthusiasts from every nook of Alaska, making it a highly anticipated event in the Alaskan student community.


The College Alaskan Magic Society is more than just a collective of magic enthusiasts. It's a melting pot of different personalities, cultures, and ideologies, a place where minds spark with ideas and hands choreograph magic. It's a testament to the mystic allure of Alaska - a unique space that fosters the arcane as much as the academic.

Discovering the Magic: Unique Shops at Alaskan Colleges

Alaska, a land known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural mosaic, is also home to a unique educational scene. Among its diverse college campuses, a fascinating aspect that stands out is the presence of magical shops. Not your average bookstore or cafeteria, these shops offer students and visitors alike a peek into enchanting realms and whimsical wonders. Let's delve into these hidden gems and understand what makes them so special.

The Enchanted Nook - University of Alaska

Located at the heart of the University of Alaska, The Enchanted Nook is a haven for those intrigued by the mystical and the mysterious. This quaint shop is renowned for its carefully curated collection of magical literature, ranging from ancient texts on alchemy to contemporary works on spell-casting. Beyond books, the shop also boasts a variety of magical paraphernalia - think crystal balls, potion ingredients, and tarot cards, making it a one-stop shop for both beginner and seasoned practitioners of the magical arts.

Mystic Brews Café - Alaska Pacific University

Stepping into Mystic Brews Café, located on the campus of Alaska Pacific University, feels like entering another dimension. This enchanted café serves up more than just coffee; it offers an array of beverages with a magical twist. Each drink is crafted with unique blends of herbs and spices believed to possess various magical properties. Whether you're in need of a luck-enhancing latte or a courage-boosting cappuccino, Mystic Brews has a potion for every purpose. It's a perfect spot for students to unwind, study, or simply bask in the mystical ambiance.

Aurora's Apothecary - University of Alaska Southeast

Nestled within the University of Alaska Southeast campus, Aurora's Apothecary is a treasure trove for those fascinated by the healing arts. This shop specializes in natural remedies, herbal mixes, and enchanted elixirs designed to heal, protect, and enhance one's well-being. With an emphasis on the bond between nature and magic, Aurora's offers not only products but also workshops and seminars on herbal magic, holistic healing, and nature-oriented spellcraft. It's a sanctuary for those seeking to nurture their bodies and souls with Mother Nature's gifts.


Alaska's colleges are not only institutions of higher learning but also gateways to exploring the mystical and the magical. The magic shops scattered across its campuses are testaments to the state's rich tapestry of myths, legends, and traditions. Whether you're a student seeking to infuse a bit of magic into your academic journey or a visitor curious about the enchanting offerings of the Far North, these shops offer unique experiences that are sure to enchant and inspire. Who knows what magic you'll discover on your next visit?

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