Duality Championship

We want to invite you to our first-ever international championship of Duality.
If you still don't know what Duality can do for you, click here.

First prize winner will win a Mentalism Chair worth $2000.
For more information about the Mentalism Chair, click here.

And, one lucky participant will win a Super Chip worth $350
For more information about the Super Chip , click here.



How To Join the Competition?

Make a video with Duality, which suits your original style, and upload it to Cobra Magic's Facebook page.
Use #dualitychampionship to tag your video.
The length of the video must be under 2 minutes.
Each user is limited to upload up to 5 videos.

    Naturally, the competition is open to Duality users only. If you are interested in Duality 2.0, you can do it at no risk. Our launching sale is still open till 20th August 2021, and you get a full money-back guarantee. see details below.

    Competition Schedule:

    10 August 2021 - Competition begins.
    24 August - Competition ends.
    Open raffle and winners announcement, during Cobra's 1st Monday event.
      Competition Rules
      • To enter the Duality Championship, you must own Duality 2.0.
      • Participants will post their videos on the Cobra Magic Facebook Group.
      • A maximum of 5 videos per user allowed.
      • Posting the same video twice is prohibited and will lead to elimination.
      • Videos must be under 2 minutes.
      • When posting the video, you must use #dualitychampionship (posts without this # will not be included in the competition)
      • A minimum number of 30 videos is required
      • All entries must be posted until August 24th at 24:00
      • Competitors are not allowed to contact or tag any judge regarding the competition
        Once the competition starts you can choose your favorite videos and give them a like
        and improve their chances of entering our top 20 videos.
        After the competition deadline ends the Cobra Magic team will choose 20 videos that will be presented to our trustworthy judges to decide which one should win the 1st prize – A free Mentalism Chair worth 2,000$.
        Judging criteria:
        Entertainment Value - 25%
        Creativity & Originality - 25%
        Simplicity & Clarity - 25%
        Technical Execution - 25%
          Each judge will rate the videos based on each criterion above, from 1-5. We will sum the point for each video, and the one with the highest overall rating will be the winner. 
          Winner will be announced during Cobra's 1st Monday event!
          As a bonus, we will also be giving away a Free Super Chip Single for one lucky participant. We will announce the winner during Cobra's 1st Monday event and have the raffle– choosing at random one participant out of a hat. So even if you don’t win the 1st place prize, you still have a chance of winning a 350$ prize!
          Meet our judges:

          The 1st prize is a Mentalism Chair worth up to $2000.
          The raffle winner prize is a Super Chip single worth $350.
          Prizes do not include shipping (shipping rates can be found on our web-site at www.cobra-magic.com).
          We recommend putting translation if your video is not in English).
          You can share your video process when posting your video.
          You can ask for recommendations and notes on the group for a better outcome.
          You can reach our team at Cobra for assistance using the app