The Super Chip - chair test

The Super Chip - chair test

The SUPER CHAIRS Routine -  Grand Stage Effect Utilizing Cobra Magic’s SUPER CHIPS

As most of our loyal customers are aware, Cobra Magic’s unique approach to mental Magic gave birth to our range of smart, electronic based Mentalism Platforms – that enable our users to freely develop their own original routines.

 The SUPER CHIP Platform consists of a set of innocent looking “casino chips” in which the smart technology is totally hidden. They are so versatile – affording the Mentalist complete freedom for creativity – that although Cobra offers a repertoire of 12 different routines, the possibilities are endless, limited only by the scope of the Mentalist’s own individual imagination and innovation.  They can be used simply as they are ... or they can be further embedded into a myriad of “every-day” items.

While playing with his first batch of chips, renowned Mentalist Amir Lustig (one of the 3 famous inventors of BaKore Magic – the guys who revolutionized the online magic arena during Covid lockdowns), created the Super Chairs/Super Chip based CHAIR TEST.

Amir is living proof of the term Out-Of-The-Box, and this brilliant routine is clear evidence of his prodigious talents.

The beauty lies in his elimination of the tricky moves in the original routine, enabling extremely easy handling, a great “extra prediction” effect, and resulting in Grand Stage drama – all emanating from a very small 10x10x8 cm box. All you need is the Super Chip set, 3 simple chairs and 3 volunteers.


If you already have the Super Chip set, just read on, learn and perform the routine. But if you don’t have the set yet, we would like to make it easier to purchase. You can buy it now with a 10% discount. Click here and use the coupon code SuperChairs upon checkout.


THE EFFECT: Three volunteers each choose a chip at random. They are seated on the 3 chairs and asked to switch the chips between them. The mentalist then reveals who has which chip. He then shows a pre-written prediction that clearly states which color of chip each volunteer held and which one he swapped to. At the end, he asks them what was the color they originally chose, asks them to upturn (or turn around) the chairs - and look and behold ! they discover that the chairs had the color of their original chip painted on the bottom or back from the get-go !



HOW to PERFORM IT?  Instructions:


Preparation: Three chairs are set out on the stage.  Paint the bottom or back of each chair with one of the colours -  one blue, one black, and one red. Alternatively, if you’re using venue owned chairs (that you don’t wish to disfigure), you can use a large coloured sticker on the chair instead.  Organize the chairs in this order, from left to right: Blue, Black and Red. Place the 3 Super Chips flat on a table nearby.


Step-by-Step Explanation:

1.       You ask the first volunteer to pick one poker chip from the 3 optional colors (without you seeing) and to place it in his back pocket. (You will immediately feel by vibration which color chip the first volunteer picked up.) Repeat with the second & third volunteers.


2.       As each volunteer takes their chosen poker chip, you instruct them to sit down (on the matching chair to the color you know he has). Meaning, the person who picked up the blue chip will sit on the first chair on the left, the person who picked the black chip will sit on the middle chair, and the person who picked the red chip will sit on the right-hand chair (so that each volunteer is now sitting on the chair with the color corresponding to his chip).


3.       Ask the volunteers to switch their poker chip with one of the other two so that they all end up with a different poker chip than what they originally chose (it is essential that all three will switch).


4.       Now you ask the volunteer on the left-hand chair to take his “switched” poker chip out of his pocket without you seeing (you need to ask him to do this so you will “feel” which color chip this volunteer is now holding). When you feel his color you also know what the other two volunteers have.


5.       Because you know what color chip your volunteers originally had before they switched, you now have 2 optional outcomes as per this diagram:


First Stage before the switch:

Two possible outcomes after the switch:

6.       Pull out your correct pre-prepared prediction (you have one for each of the two options) and give it to the middle-seated volunteer to read aloud. This will get an amazing response.


7.       Astonish them further by then announcing that you even knew in advance which color they picked originally. Have them stand up and reveal the color at the bottom (or back) of their chair. They match their originally chosen chip color.


All that is left is to practice for a while and start performing it. You’ll be delighted by the reactions.


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