The Queen's gambit

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A unique opportunity to purchase this amazing set of

 Chess Master

Ride the wave of the "The Queens Gambit" trend, and surprise your audience with 2 different routines, using the 6 hand-crafted Chess pieces. They are equipped with a hidden circuit that communicates with a smart receiver. This set enables you to detect each chess piece in its location and perform exciting mentalism effects. The concept was invented by Shimon Nachmani, one of Israel's leading magic innovators. He wrote the routines that come with the set.

Routines are suitable for large stage, as well as for close-up conditions. 


  • 6 “gimmicked” chess pieces
  • Receiver + Elastic armband holder
  • Magnetic micro USB cable
  • Custom made box
  • 2 Professional routines, written by Shimon Nachmani
  • Specifically designed holder

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A perfectly innocent looking whiteboard. There is absolutely no visual clue that it communicates with a miniature receiver that sends you an indication the moment that a written item is erased. The volunteer writes up to 5 names, or countries, favorite restaurant, dishes etc. on the board. You can stand up to 50 meters away and even be blindfolded  yet you miraculously “know” each item as it's erased. The board has 2 sides, so you can work simultaneously on both sides, handling 10 different items at the same time, or even create correlations between the items written on both sides.

Suitable for both close-up conditions or stage. You can involve 5 volunteers simultaneously and “read their minds” error-free.


  • Smart Whiteboard
  • Custom case
  • Smart magnetic eraser
  • RF Wireless receiver

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