The Mind reader's Set

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A perfectly innocent looking whiteboard. There is absolutely no visual clue that it communicates with a miniature receiver that sends you an indication the moment that a written item is erased. The volunteer writes up to 5 names, or countries, favorite restaurant, dishes etc. on the board. You can stand up to 50 meters away and even be blindfolded  yet you miraculously “know” each item as it's erased. The board has 2 sides, so you can work simultaneously on both sides, handling 10 different items at the same time, or even create correlations between the items written on both sides.

Suitable for both close-up conditions or stage. You can involve 5 volunteers simultaneously and “read their minds” error-free.

Technical details:

  • Size: 30X40 cm
  • Frequency: 315mhz 
  • Sensor type: magnetic
  • Receiver Battery: 23A - running time of 7 hours
  • Whiteboard battery: 23A – sufficient for about 500 shows
  • Polyester Case size: 50X40cm


  • Smart Whiteboard
  • Custom case
  • Smart magnetic eraser
  • RF Wireless receiver

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Duality PRO- magic App

Would you believe that you can embed a free-thought number (or name, picture, drawing, etc.) into a pre-recorded video, while it is playing?

YES, with Duality PRO on your mobile phone you can do exactly that!

You show your spectators a video of yourself (or an assistant or an animated character) on your mobile screen, and ask a volunteer to think of any number (or name, picture, drawing, etc.). Towards the end of your own video, the item thought-of suddenly appears - embedded in the video. BOOOOOM!!!

After the effect is over, you can share the video clip (not just a link, but the actual video) with the "prediction" over your favorite social media platforms, together with your contact details as well as FB page, Instagram or website.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • The one-time set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes
  • It's always in your pocket, ready to perform
  • The video is totally customizable. Apply your creativity and embellish it with your own style
  • 11 different input methods, to suit your preference
  • Both Portrait (for mobile) and Landscape (for large screens) are enabled
  • Easy to set up (only 3 taps) – even easier to perform

Play it BIG. You can project the video on a large screen, to generate a great stage attraction (using a special mode that projects onto the screen).

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WHISPER allows you to secretly transmit thoughts and ideas to a remote assistant, without any visible action. Your spectators will be amazed that somebody in a distant location can read their minds.

Whisper is super easy to use, both for stage and random daily encounters - it's always right there in your pocket.

Your volunteer can think about anything in the world, in any language. A name, picture, Zodiac symbol, drawing, number, game etc. Your remote assistant will "read" his thought and then WOW your audience by revealing exactly what the volunteer thought of. 

You can setup to collaborate with 4 different assistants, depending on the subject, style or time of the day. You can communicate with your assistant via either voice call or face time, and even have your assistant call you with perfect timing.

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