Chess Master

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Chess Master Is a tool for professional mentalists. 

Including 2 professional routines for the working performer.
Routine & Handling by Shimon Nahmani
Engage your audience like never before, with this brand new, unique "Which Hand" presentation. The routines can be performed in close-up situations as well as on stage. You will know who has the pieces, In which hand they hid it, and which of the 5 pieces it is. 
Using this device will allow you to connect to your audience on a deeper level, with chess pieces being an easy to recognize object which can also relate to many presentations regarding Strategy, Game theory, and your everyday life. 


  • No stooges
  • Self-contained 
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Micro-USB Chargeable
  • 2 Professional routines included

What you will receive: 

  • 6 custom made gimmicked chess pieces
  • Receiver + Elastic armband holder
  • Magnetic micro USB cable
  • Custom made box 
  • 2 Professional routines from mentalist Shimon Nahmani

 About the creator: 

Shimon Nachmani is a mentalist who specializes in presenting supernatural entertainment. For years he has been changing the preconceived notions about these fascinating fields, Which has presented him the ability to cause ultimate astonishment upon the audience.  Time after time with the aid of his amazing physical and mental abilities he has broken all Established borders in his mesmerizing show.


  1. Close-up routine - The performer is able to know which hand holds which chess piece against all of the odds. Using 5-10 people at the same time, the performer amazingly identifies who holds which chess piece, with a funny presentation that includes all of Shimon's professional gags. 
  2. Stage routine - On stage, 5 volunteers are handed 5 different chess pieces and they chose who will hold which piece. they can really divide it however they want. Through an amazing process of elimination, the performer can spot who holds which of the 5 pieces and in which hand as well! truly an amazing piece of direct mentalism. 

Technical specs: 

  • Technology: RF ID
  • Frequency: 125KHZ
  •  lipo battery 3.7v 250mp
  • Charging time 1-2 hours
  • Using time 10 hours
  • Charging interface: magnetic micro USB cable 
  • LED light indicator for charging
  • 6 chess pieces (5 black and 1 white, or vise versa)
  • Pieces are made of liquid resin
  • 3D printed holder 



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