Voice Whisper Testing Page

Would you believe that you can influence your spectator's selections, through a pre-recorded video, while the video is playing?

YES, with the Duality app you can.
A selected number (or name, country, etc.) visually appears in a playing video.
After the effect is over, the app immediately gives you the option to share the video clip (not a link but the actual video) with your spectator through your favorite social media platform, carrying the magician's contact details such as FB page or Instagram or website.
 Duality will get you new gigs.
 Yes, it's that simple. You speak to your spectator through a video and ask them (while the video is playing) to select a random number (or a word, name of a country, etc.)
The spectator's secret selection appears in that pre-recorded video. Booooom!!! 
  • The application is ready to perform at any time.
  • All you need is your mobile phone.
  • It is very easy to perform.
  • The one-time set-up (per video) takes only a few minutes.
  • As you finish the performance, you can immediately share the video with your spectator through any social media platform!

Let Duality grow your networking!


Preform anytime, Anywhere!

You always have a trick up your sleeve! No props - no forces - no gimmicks - no "dirty outs".
The spectator has a free choice. Your visible prediction in the running video is always correct! 

Play it BIG

You can project the video on a large screen, to generate a great stage attraction (with a special mode to project on screen). 

Create a video with your own unique style!

Since the videos are 100% customizable, you can add any prop to suit your style of performance and marketing strategy. Whether you choose to add a forced item, another prediction, or maybe a running gag from your show, this is the app for you!

Easy to set up - easier to perform.

You don't need to worry about struggling with complicated coding. Our original UI allows you to make your video in only a few minutes.

Immediately share the video with your clients.

This is one of the best advantages of Duality.
The video, with the spectator's choice embedded in it, is immediately ready for distribution. You have a great excuse to save your client's number on your phone. You can also add your promotional text with the video and link to your website or Facebook page. You can also use it as a way to get someone's phone numbers at the bar!

Perfect for virtual performances

Connect your phone to your PC and you are ready to go! Amaze everyone with an unforgettable piece of magical mentalism.

Make a video on the spot!

Making a prediction video with Duality is so easy and quick, that you can make one in just 5 minutes before your performance, at the location of your show. Film a video on the go, or maybe even backstage. There is nothing more organic than that.

Duality transmitter:

Duality transmitter is an extra application ( for IOS and android) that allows you to send any kind of information ( text, draw, or picture ) to Duality video player while the video is plaing.


Magic App: Duality 2.0 is one of the best mentalism magic apps. Making a prediction video with Duality is easy and quick. Download the app for iOS & Android.

IP rights

  • Duality is based on our proprietary, Pat. Pending, technology.
  • All intellectual property of Duality belongs to Yaniv Levy and Cobra Magic LTD.
  • Any attempts of copyright violation may result in a lawsuit.
  • TV rights are reserved, please contact us if you wish to perform Duality in a TV format.