ViDuality 2023



In this year’s ViDuality Championship, we would like to challenge you with WOWing your spectators and showing their reactions as they watch your presentation.

1st prize - a $1,500 cash credit for all Cobra Magic products.
2nd prize - a Raffle for $500 cash credit for all Cobra Magic products.

10 leading video creators win a FREE annual subscription to the great VANISH Magic  Magazine.

This year’s challenge is to show both your presentation and people's reactions. You can use a “Split screen” video, or have somebody else to shoot your performance and the reactions in a continuous video.

The created videos have to be uploaded to Cobra Magic's Facebook Group

Start the uploads: 1 September 2023

Last date for uploads: 31 December 2023

Winner announcement: 15th January 2024, by personal emails to the winners and announcement in Cobra Magic’s Facebook group:

Rules and guidelines

Competition Rules

  1. To enter the Duality Championship, you must own the Duality App (PRO or LITE)
  2. A maximum of 5 videos per user allowed.
  3. Posting the same video twice is prohibited and will lead to elimination.
  4. Videos must be under 2 minutes.
  5. When posting the video, use #ViDuality2023
  6. All entries must be posted until 31 December 2023 (till midnight EST).
  7. After we reach the deadline for entering, we will give you guys 48 hours to vote for your favorite videos. How? Simply give them a like and write something nice in the comments.
  8. Once the voting time has passed, the judges will select the winner, out of the 10 entries with the most likes and comments combined. 
  9. The judging team will be announced by the end of the competition

    Judging criteria:
  • Entertainment Value
  • Creativity & Originality
  • Simplicity & Clarity of the concept and explanation
  • Technical Execution (presentation and production)
  • Audience excitement and reaction

Here are some examples for your inspiration -


Good luck!!