Super Chip single - by Cobra Magic

**please watch the video explanation before using the chip

This product includes:
  • 1 super chip
  • 1 receiver
  • 1 small magnet
  • 1 mini carrying case
Receiver instruction
When you turn the receiver "on" you will feel a short vibrate and you will see LED light (green or red)
Green means that the battery is full
Red means that the battery is not full
The receiver default is vibrate, you can switch it to LED light (and vice versa) by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
If you use the LED light-
  • Red is     - number on top
  • Blue is    - shape on top
  • Green is - 90 degrees position
Single chip instruction
First turn on the receiver, you will feel 1 vibrate.
turn on the chip by placing it close to a magnet (which is provided to you on the bottom of the mini carrying case or any other magnet)
the chip will stay "on" for 20 minutes.
After 19 minutes it will send a short vibrate to the receiver (so you know you have only 1 minute left) and after 1 minute it's automatically turn "off".
There is no "off" switch
The receiver will immediately know the position of the chip by 1 vibrate, 2 vibrates and fast pulse
  • when the number is on top- you get 1 vibrate
  • when the shape is on top- you get 2 vibrates
  • when the chip is 90 (ninety) degrees angle -you will get fast pulses
There is no need to charge the super chip
The battery is good for between 500-800 shows
Keep the chip away from magnets -if a magnet is close to the chip it may drain the battery of the chip. The best way to keep your Super chip safe is to carry it inside the mini carrying case we provided to you
The Super chip will stop transmitting (but will stay "on") in these cases:
  • when the chip is flat on a table for 4 seconds
  • when the chip is at the same angle for 30 seconds
When someone will pick the chip up it will resume it's transmission
When you place the chip next to a magnet it will turn on again  - so you have 20 minutes from this point
Charging the receiver
You must switch OFF the system when you are charging the receiver, otherwise you are not charging.
Charging time is between 1-2 hours.
Using time is between 5-6 hours.
Charging is by a micro USB.
While charging:
Red light means -keep charging
Green light means- fully charged
Keep the receiver off when you are not using the chip.
During your act do not put the receiver inside your hand because your hand blocks the signals from the poker chip.
When the chip goes to "sleep" the receiver is still "on" until you switch it "off" or the battery is empty.