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Magicians talking about the Super Chip Full Set

“In my many years of performing as a mentalist I have used electronic devices often and was often forced to overcome some technical difficulty but never with Cobra Magic. Not even for a second, everything is done from a huge distance from the volunteer. The Super Chip is as clean as it gets. A game changer!”

Shahar Livne

“The Super Chip works really well on stage, the range is huge and it works perfectly. I love the way the receiver tells me where the chip is and if it’s heads or tails. So easy to understand. And the best part - the audience is actually surprised from this routine every single time!”

Victor Atia

“I bought the Super Chip Full Set from Cobra Magic and it’s working wonderful!!! It looks real, the crowd loves it and I can work from 10 meter away and it's working wonderfully! I love the diversity of the 12 routines that comes with the set.”

Oren Grinfeld

“The Super Chip is a game changer. Never ever ever in the history of magic was a device that allows you to perform from such a huge distance. Electronics often require you to make funny gestures with your hands while leaning over some volunteer. You CAN’T perform this way these days and this prop fixes that problem.”

Hezi Dean

I have purchased the "Super Chip" and was immediately impressed with the range of the unit, the capabilities, its looks and the case it comes in. I would also like to mention the wonderful customer service and guidance I have received from Yaniv, the owner of Cobra magic. He definitely knows his stuff and cares about his customers' success.

Hillel Mogle


What Magicians Say about the Super Chip in

“I like Super Chip. The reason why is mainly because of the distance between the performer and the spectator. With Super Chip, NOT being near the spectator is a GREAT advantage and can not be overstated in my humble opinion. My recommendation is to buy Super Chip!”

Jeff spiller

“I can state that I have purchased a couple items previously from Yaniv and Cobra Magic. The service has always been spectacular and Yaniv certainly does everything to make you a happy customer. Yaniv cares about his customers and strives to exceed expectations. His products are well known and used by top professionals”

On The Offbeat

“I got the Super Chip last week from the cobra magic. The level of customer service I received was excellent. I went for the Full Set as they are well made and look good. What I like is this is a modular tool. You could put the poker chips in paper cups boards plus more, it is way more than just a which hand.”