Super Chip - FAQs

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1. Is the product in stock and ready to ship?

Yes. But we only add the batteries for you and perform Pre-Shipping Quality Check right after the order is finalized. That way we keep the electronics inside fresh and we guarantee its perfect condition.

2. How long does the shipping take?

We ship by air mail and it depends on where we ship it to. Normally between 10-14 days. Due to Covid -19 shipping may take a little more time.

3. How do I charge the Chip

The chip itself does not need charging. The battery is good for 500-800 shows which should easily be enough for many years to come.

4. How do I charge the Receiver

We supply you with a standard micro usb cable and you can charge it with your phone charger or any USB charger for that matter.

5. Does the chip must be inside the holder

No. You receive a mini carrying case for the receiver and three chips but you can carry them however you want.

6. How do I get the instructions for the different routines

We provide video explanations for every single routine and maintenance need you might have in the future. All videos are presented through a hidden Youtube channel.

7. Can I change the battery inside the Chip?

Yes. It is possible to change the battery inside the chip by yourself. You get a video explanation on how you can do that.

We also offer our clients to send the chip back to us and we will change the battery + update the program to its latest version and replace the chip plastic itself for a small fair handling fee.

8. Can I travel with the Super Chip on a plane?

Yes. The battery spec is included in this page and is confirmed to be safe for flying with the battery on board a plane (you won’t even need to shut it off during take off and landing).

9. What is the guarantee of The Super Chip Full Set?
The Super Chip Full Set comes with a one year full warranty.