Super Chip by Cobra Magic- Text Explanation

Thank you for purchasing the Super Chip 

Please watch the video explanation and read the full instructions before using the chip! 

This product includes:
  • 3 super chips - RED, BLACK & BLUE
  • 1 receiver
  • 1 mini carrying case with a magnet
  • A micro USB cable to charge the receiver
Chip instruction- full set
First turn on the receiver using the on/off switch. 

*If you don't turn on the receiver first it will not turn on the chips.

You should see the LED light turning on. Green light will mean that the battery is full, and a red light means that the battery is weak and should be charged.

Every poker chip is independent.

You have 2 options for turning the chips ON:
  1. You can turn the chips on by taking them out of the case one by one. Every time you take a chip out of the case, put it flat on a table and wait up to 10 seconds. You should feel the vibrations from the receiver which will vibrate several times according to which chip you took out:
The Blue Chip will vibrate 2 times
The Black Chip will vibrate 3 times
The Red Chip will vibrate 4 times

After every time you turn a chip on, let it sit for a few seconds until it stops transmitting. This will happen because the system understands that the chip is on a table. Be close to the chip when you turn it on. Once every chip is on, the set will be ready to use.
  1. If you choose, you can use the magnet on the bottom of the case to turn on the chips. You will need to take the chips out of the case and set them on the table. On the top part of each chip (above the numbers) you have a magnetic sensor. If you pass that side of the chip next to the magnet you were supplied with (or any other magnet for that matter), It will automatically reset the system and turn on the chip.
 Keep the chip away from magnets -if a magnet is close to the chip it may drain the battery of the chip. The best way to keep your Super chip safe is to carry it inside the mini carrying case we provided to you.
Once you have turned on the chip, it will stay on for 16 minutes.  There is no off switch for the chips, they start up automatically after you do one of the steps as described above.

The Super-chip Full Set will allow you first to know which color chip was lifted from the table or taken out of a pocket and after a few seconds it will tell you the position of the chip.

In order to know which chip was selected, all 3 chips must be placed on a surface or in the pockets for at least 20 seconds. When the chip moves or change its position, the receiver will vibrate. As we described earlier, the number of vibrations is different for every chip:

The Blue Chip will vibrate 2 times
The Black Chip will vibrate 3 times
The Red Chip will vibrate 4 times

You need to select the chips one by one and not all of them at the same time because if they all move at the same time you will not know which is which.

After the identity of the chip is determined, the system will automatically tell you the position that the chip is currently at. Here are the 3 options:
  • When the number is on top - you get 1 vibrate 
  • When the shape is on top - you get 2 vibrates
  • When the chip is 90 degrees angle - you will get short pulses 
There is no need to charge the super chip, the battery is good for 500-800 shows.
The Super chip will stop transmitting (but will stay on) in these cases:
  • when the chip is flat on a table for 4 seconds 
  • when the chip is at the same angle for 20 seconds 
When someone will pick the chip up it will resume its transmission, first telling you which color he took, and after a few seconds it will tell you the position of the chip as described above.

Receiver instruction
The receiver default is to vibrate, but you can also switch it to LED light by pressing the button for 5 seconds.
If you use the LED light, you can know the position of the chip as follows:
  • Red - number on top
  • Blue - shape on top
  • Green - 90 degrees position
The LED light is made for position mode (and not for color mode).

Charging the receiver

You must switch OFF the system when you are charging the system, otherwise it will not charge.

Charging time is 1-2 hours, and it will last you for 5-6 hours. Use the micro USB cable we supplied to charge the device. While charging the LED light will let you know the battery status:

Red light means -keep charging
Green light means- fully charged

Keep the receiver off when you are not using the chip. During your act do not put the receiver inside your hand because your hand blocks the signals from the poker chips. We recommend placing the receiver underneath your belt on the side.
When the chip goes to "sleep" the receiver will remain on until you switch it off or the battery will drain out.

Both the receiver and the Chips should be treated with care. The electronical system is VERY gentle. Do not expose them to water, extreme heat, moisture at any level. You should treat the devices as a phone – If you drop/bend/apply strong force – it would harm the device. We designed the chips to be as thin and as durable as possible, but they are extremely sensitive. We will not be able to fix the device if you break it. Please keep them in the assigned case you were provided with.

If, for any reason, the system stops working properly, contact us at and be prepared to do a video chat by WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom.
we will do our best to guide you and help you fix the problem as soon as possible.

*Super Chip that was purchased before August 2020 has a version that needs the magnet to switch the poker chip on and it will stay on for 30 minutes.