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Privacy Policy of Mentalism Chair Camera App

 This page is used to inform our users regarding our policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our One Man Show App.


Cobra Magic is a magician's company. We provide magicians different products and Applications, So they can enhance their magician skill and tricks.


Your personal data and how we use it

This application is used to send information via bluetooth to our Mentalism Chair which is this one This application uses a google sign in. This is to make sure that every user is unique on this application by their email address. This app also uses camera. So, when the user will be using this app the person standing next to him/her will think that he is using regular camera app to take pictures or record a video but in reality there are secret buttons through which he/her will be sending information to our chair. We will not use or share your information with anyone.

How do you contact us?


Our offices are located at 52 Moshe Dayan st. Tel Aviv, Israel.
You can also contact us at