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Tips from Pedro


    Tips from Pedro for Performing on Cruise Ships


    1. People actually enjoy seeing the same trick more than once ....


    You may think you need to perform a new trick at every performance (which is sometimes the right way to go), but many people would come back to see the same tricks again - and even bring friends so they can experience what they previously enjoyed. They may even be disappointed not to see the "trick" they loved from the last performance they attended.


    1. The importance of choosing the “best” spectators to come up on stage and participate ....


    The minute you invite an audience member to come up to assist you, you immediately become the second most interesting person on stage.

    Avoid people with masks, as the audience can't see their reactions.

    Try to choose someone who looks engaged and energetic - who you feel will cooperate with you.


    1. How to begin your show?


    A percentage of passengers on cruise ships may not really know what a "magic show" entails. So start by telling them a little bit about who you are, and what they are about to see. The first trick should be highly visual and as brief as possible – to grab their attention and pique their curiosity.


    1. Focus on the audience members who seem to be enjoying the show!


    On cruise ships, many people just “pop-in” to shows just to "check what's up" – after all, it’s free entertainment and there are lots of competing options. So no matter how good you are, some people will leave in the middle to check out something else.  Throughout my time on-board, I saw too many performers who tend to focus on the people who leave – suffering a drop in their confidence and energy level -  instead of focusing on the people who choose to stay and spend their valuable time watching and enjoying your show.

    Respect these people and be your absolute best for them.