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Famous Magicians in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, a beautiful coastal city in California, is known for its stunning beaches, upscale lifestyle, and cultural diversity. Among its many artistic and entertainment offerings, magic holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. The city is home to several renowned magicians who not only entertain with their mesmerizing performances but also actively contribute to the area's vibrant magic community. Here, we delve into some of the most famous magicians in Santa Barbara and explore the magic circles they are a part of.

Mark Wilson

Though not a resident, Mark Wilson is a notable figure who has performed in Santa Barbara on numerous occasions. Renowned for his work in television during the 20th century, Wilson brought magic into American living rooms with his show "The Magic Land of Allakazam." Beyond his TV success, Wilson has been instrumental in educating the next generation of magicians through his books and lectures. Wilson's influence on the magic community extends to the Magic Castle, an exclusive club in Hollywood, where he has been a regular performer and mentor.

Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong's name is synonymous with innovative card magic. Armstrong, who has performed globally and boasts several awards, including "Close-Up Magician of the Year," has a connection to Santa Barbara through events and magic conventions. His performances are a blend of humor, story-telling, and astounding sleight of hand. Armstrong is an active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, often sharing his expertise with upcoming magicians and contributing to the growth of the magic community.

David Groves

David Groves stands out for his unique combination of magic and literature, often incorporating elements of storytelling into his magic shows. Based in Santa Barbara, Groves has performed at schools, libraries, and private events, enchanting audiences with his blend of intellect and illusion. His book, "Be a Street Magician!: A How-To Guide," reflects his dedication to the craft and willingness to mentor aspiring magicians. Groves is also known for his participation in local magic gatherings and his efforts to keep the magic community in Santa Barbara closely-knit and active.

The Magic Scene in Santa Barbara

The magic community in Santa Barbara, though modest in size, is rich in camaraderie and talent. Magicians in the city often gather for informal sessions, workshops, and performances. The Magic Castle, while not located within Santa Barbara, serves as a cultural hub for magicians from the city and beyond, offering a space for performances, lectures, and networking. Local magic shops and clubs also play a vital role in supporting the community, providing resources, and hosting events that draw talent from all over the country.

Moreover, Santa Barbara hosts various magic events throughout the year, including galas, charity shows, and the annual Magic on the Urban Wine Trail. These events not only showcase local and visiting talent but also raise awareness and appreciation for the art of magic among the public.


The magic scene in Santa Barbara is a testament to the enduring appeal and diversity of magic as an art form. The city's magicians, through their performances and participation in the community, continue to inspire, educate, and entertain. Their contributions ensure that magic remains a vibrant and cherished part of Santa Barbara's cultural landscape.

The Enchanting World of Santa Barbara's Magic Society

In the picturesque city of Santa Barbara, California, lies a rather enchanting community that might not be known to everyone. This is the realm of Santa Barbara's Magic Society, a group dedicated to the art of magic, illusion, and performance. This exclusive circle brings together individuals who share a passion for magic, whether they be professionals, amateurs, or enthusiasts keen on developing their magical prowess.

About the Society

The Magic Society of Santa Barbara is a vibrant community with a membership that fluctuates around 50 members at any given time. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds, but they all share a common love for the art of magic. The society focuses on various aspects of magic, including close-up magic, stage magic, mentalism, and sleight of hand, among others. Its activities are centered around fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of magic as a form of art and entertainment.

Location and Activities

Nestled within the cultural heart of Santa Barbara, the society traditionally meets in a local hall that offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere for both the performers and the audience. This venue becomes a stage for members to showcase their talents, share tricks of the trade, and engage in discussions about the history, theory, and practice of magic.

One of the highlights of the society's calendar is the conferences it hosts. These events, often lasting a weekend, provide an invaluable opportunity for members to immerse themselves in magic. Workshops, guest lectures from renowned magicians, and performance competitions create a rich and varied program that caters to all levels of interest and expertise. Conferences are meticulously planned to strike a balance between learning and entertainment, ensuring that every member leaves inspired.

Concluding Thoughts

The Magic Society of Santa Barbara stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of magic. It is not just a gathering of individuals performing tricks but a community that celebrates creativity, history, and the joy of bringing wonder to others. Through its activities and conferences, the society continues to nurture the rich traditions of magic, ensuring they are passed on to new generations of magicians.

Whether you are an aspiring magician or simply someone fascinated by the world of magic, the Magic Society in Santa Barbara extends a warm invitation to explore the enchantment and camaraderie within its ranks. It is a place where the impossible becomes possible, and the mystical becomes familiar.

Discover Magic Shops in Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, a picturesque city located on the central California coast, is known for its stunning beaches, cultural landmarks, and vibrant shopping scene. Among the eclectic mix of shops, the city is home to a few hidden gems where magic enthusiasts and curious minds can explore the enchanting world of magic. Whether you are a professional magician looking for high-quality props or a hobbyist eager to learn a few tricks, Santa Barbara's magic shops offer something for everyone.

Magic Lantern

One of the magic havens in Santa Barbara is Magic Lantern. This shop is not just a place to buy tricks and props, but it's also a community hub where magic enthusiasts gather to share and learn. From classic playing cards to intricate illusion devices, Magic Lantern caters to all levels of interest and expertise. The shop also hosts workshops and magic shows, making it a lively spot for those looking to dive deeper into the world of magic.

The Enchanted Forest

Another notable destination for magic lovers is The Enchanted Forest. While primarily known for its selection of mystical items like crystals and incense, The Enchanted Forest also offers a variety of magic-related products. Here, shoppers can find beginner magic kits, books on magical arts, and unique, handmade props. The Enchanted Forest is perfect for those who appreciate the mystical side of magic and enjoy incorporating elements of fantasy into their routines.

Illusions Magic Shop

Illusions Magic Shop is a must-visit for anyone with a keen interest in magic. This shop specializes in high-quality magic supplies for professionals and amateurs alike. From the latest magic DVDs to rare collectible items, Illusions Magic Shop has an extensive selection that caters to all tastes. The staff is known for their expertise and willingness to help customers find exactly what they need, making it an ideal spot for both seasoned magicians and newcomers to the craft.

Each of these magic shops in Santa Barbara offers a unique experience and an opportunity to explore the magical possibilities. Whether you're looking to impress your friends with a few simple tricks or aspire to perform on stage, these shops provide the resources and community support to help you achieve your ambitions.

In addition to their product offerings, these magic shops contribute to the vibrant culture of Santa Barbara by bringing a touch of enchantment to the city. They provide a gathering place for the local magic community and help keep the art of magic alive and thriving. So next time you're in Santa Barbara, be sure to visit these magical destinations and discover the wonders they hold within.

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