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A Glimpse into the Prestigious World of Magic in Bigelow, Arkansas

Bigelow, a small town nestled in the heart of Arkansas, holds prestigious magic communities under its calm guise. The magic enthusiasts are favored with the high presence of famous magicians who not only astound with their art but also generously contribute to cultivating local talents and promoting magic as a revered art form.

The Distinguished John Harkness

John Harkness, a revered figure in the magical world of Bigelow, is synonymous with the surreal experience of impossible reality. From playing with cards to making elephants disappear in an open field, Harkness leaves his audience in awe with his captivating performances that blend humor, mystery, and the unthinkable. He reportedly attends weekly meetings with the 'Circle of Mystics', a closely-knit local magic club forming a sanctuary for magicians to share, learn, and enhance their artistry. John Harkness particularly values inspiring the younger generation through his magical exploits.

The Charismatic Nathan DeLynn

Another Bigelow resident worth mentioning is Nathan DeLynn, a modern and charismatic magician shipped from the fields of illusion, mystery, and hypnotism. His unmatched agility and spontaneity in executing his tricks make him a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Nathan is also an active member of the 'Masters of Illusion' community that harbors some of the best talents in the world of magic and encourages innovation, collaboration, and mentorship among its members.

The Veteran, 'Magic' Maxwell Scott

Bigelow magic wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the veteran magician, 'Magic' Maxwell Scott. For over five decades, Scott has dedicated his life to the art of magic, with impressive performances that include levitation, telepathy, and vanishing tricks, earning him a profound respect in the magic community. The 'Bigelow Magic Guild,' an exclusive group of magicians, regularly gathers at Scott’s residence, where they engage in intellectual discourse, share ideas, and polish their magical crafts.

Bigelow, Arkansas, though small in geographics, is huge when it comes to magic, harboring an active, thriving, and nurturing magic community. The famous magicians not only create enchanting experiences with their feats but also continue to inspire and guide the new generation of magicians. These magicians give ripples to the tranquil surface of Bigelow, making it a vibrant nucleus of magic in the state of Arkansas.

The Magic Society of Bigelow, Arkansas

Bigelow, a peaceful town in Arkansas, is world renowned for many things. Yet, not many know about the intriguing dynamics of the Magic Society hidden deep within the tranquility of this place. This clandestine community adds an enchanting sparkle to Bigelow, further heightened by the aura of mystery surrounding it.

The Magic Society, a collective of admirable intellect and skill, is primarily involved in the exploration and practice of magic arts. Their fundamental objective is to cultivate the understanding and appreciation of magic. Yet, they go beyond mere entertainment, delving into the profound layers of magic’s historical roots, theoretical constructs, and the science behind the seeming ‘supernatural’.


Remarkably, this distinguished society is home to about 150 members. Comprising both amateurs and professional magicians, it bridges the enchanting world of magic with the everyday reality for these Bigelow residents. Their members are an eclectic mix, the youngest being just 12 years old and the eldest, a fervent practitioner, aged 83.


Maintaining an essence of mystical seclusion, the Magic Society is located in an antiquated, undisclosed mansion in Bigelow, Arkansas. The mansion, with its gothic appearance and secretive aura, serves as the perfect setting for the fantastical activities of the society.


Amplifying their efforts to enlighten the community about magic, the Magic Society holds annual conferences. Typically lasting for a span of three days, these conferences serve as a festive celebration of magic and knowledge. Delegates from all over join these meetings, which encompass lectures, workshops, and spectacular magic shows.


With a fascinating blend of history, mystery, and community, the Magic Society of Bigelow, Arkansas indeed merits both conversation and admiration. Beyond the realms of illusion and entertainment, this community provides a unique space for the exploration of one of the world’s oldest traditions – the art of magic.

For those intrigued by magic’s allure, the Magic Society of Bigelow might indeed prove a sublime world to explore.

Discover the Enchantment of Magic Shops in Bigelow, Arkansas

Bigelow, Arkansas, a quaint town nestled in the heart of the state, offers a unique charm that extends into the realm of the mystical and magical. For enthusiasts of the arcane or those simply looking to add a little magic to their lives, Bigelow's magic shops are destinations not to be missed. In this guide, we'll explore the enchanting options available to visitors and locals alike.

A Glimpse into Bigelow's Magical Offerings

While Bigelow might not be the largest town, it boasts a surprising variety of shops catering to the magical community. These establishments offer everything from classic tricks and illusion accessories to rare occult artifacts and mystical consultations. Below are some of the highlights from Bigelow's magical scene.

Mystic Wonders

A staple in the Bigelow magic community, Mystic Wonders offers a comprehensive selection for both the amateur magician and the seasoned conjurer. From card tricks and disappearing coins to more elaborate illusions, this shop provides quality materials and guidance. The staff, known for their expertise and willingness to share knowledge, make Mystic Wonders a welcoming place for all.

Enchanted Emporium

Stepping into Enchanted Emporium is like entering another world. Specializing in mystical artifacts and esoteric books, this shop appeals to those with a deep interest in the occult and the ancient arts. Beyond the unique selection of goods, Enchanted Emporium hosts workshops and events designed to deepen your understanding of the mystical world.

Crystal Cave

For those drawn to the healing and spiritual aspects of magic, Crystal Cave is a must-visit. This shop focuses on crystals, gemstones, and related paraphernalia. Whether you're a practitioner of crystal healing or simply appreciate the beauty of these natural wonders, Crystal Cave offers an impressive selection in a serene atmosphere.

Why Visit Bigelow's Magic Shops?

Visiting the magic shops in Bigelow is more than just a shopping trip; it's an experience. Whether you're an aspiring magician eager to learn the ropes, a collector of mystical artifacts, or someone seeking a unique gift, Bigelow's magic shops have something to offer. The welcoming and knowledgeable shop owners contribute to a vibrant community where the magical and mundane blend seamlessly.


Bigelow, Arkansas, may be modest in size, but its magic shops offer a world of enchantment waiting to be discovered. From the novice looking to perform their first trick to the adept exploring deeper mysteries, the magic shops of Bigelow are doorways to adventure and discovery. So the next time you find yourself in or near Bigelow, don't miss the chance to explore these magical havens.

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