Gyro Instructions

The Gyro method

With this method, you will control the requested number by changing the position of the phone at a two specific time points.

When you set up the Gyro time in the editing page, you must select a round time inside your video (0:20, 0:30 etc.). From that point, the app will start being aware of the orientation of your phone. Try to hold it as steadily as possible. For the next 20 seconds, while the video is playing, you are going to input the requested number. Here is how:

The last digit on your timer will determine the outcome.

The first 10 seconds will be the first digit and the other 10 seconds would be the second digit. At the point when you slightly change the orientation of your phone, the smallest number in the timer will be the digit which will be inserted. For example:

If the number they named is 53, you would first move your phone at 0:25 and then again at 0:33. The two numbers 5 and 3 together will give you 53, which will be the number you reveal in the video.

The red dot next to the timer will assist you here as well. At the moment you insert the number, the red dot will turn green for a second. Then again in the next number.

Here is an example of how you can slightly tilt you phone while showing the video:


  • You will need more practice if you choose this method over the Grid mode since it is more sensitive and you do not want to code the wrong number by mistake, since once you code the wrong number there is no way back. Make sure you practice it enough, because once you do, it is even cleaner since you never touch your phone!
  • If they choose a number lower than 10, you are going to hold your phone still for the first 10 seconds and move it only on the second round.