Grid (Dim) Instructions

Dim Method

In this method, the screen will dim at a certain time point (which you will set up in the video editing page). You will tap the screen twice, apparently to wake it up. The first tap wont do anything, and the second tap will awake the screen. Again, tap number one will be the first digit and tap number two will be the second digit.


Duality Pro – Instructions

Duality is a tool that allows you to create a custom video which can reveal a freely chosen number, word of even picture. You can make personal video starring your own persona and message. Get your spectator to interact with the video and they will not believe the result. As a proof, you will send them the video through any social media platform, and they will have a memorable piece of mentalism which also includes all of your business information.

In this tutorial we will take you through everything you need to do in order to use Duality 2.0 and create your own videos.

Log In

When you first open the app, this is the screen that you are going to see:

*You must read the Terms & Conditions and mark the accept option before you can proceed.

After that, sigh in with the option that you prefer. Once you do the app will continue automatically.


Gallery page

You default gallery page will look something like this. It is meant to look like your generic gallery. As you will add more videos, it will look better and better.

There are a few hidden secrets in this screen, which will help you navigate through the app:


 Main Settings page


 This is the screen you will get to after pressing a long press on the menu ion on your gallery page.

From here you can create a new video, go here (to the instructions page), Edit your indexes and fonts, and go back to the Gallery page. You can also go from here directly to our FB users group to get more ideas.


Create a new video

Creating a new video is quite easy, but it is important to know in advance what you are about to film. We recommend starting of with a basic presentation, which we call The thought projector, and you can find a detailed description of it below. Let’s assume that is the routine you are going to film first. Here is what you will need before you start:

  • The Duality app
  • A spiral notebook
  • A stand for the notebook, we recommend a small easel.
  • A marker, preferably a thick one as it shows best on camera.

Let’s start with the most important thing which is what points you should have in minds while making your first video:

Video guidelines:

When making your first video, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You can technically use any camera to film the video, but we recommend you use your phone’s camera (front facing or back facing), as it usually produces video in FHD, and it also appears the most natural.
  2. Make sure your phone (or camera) is completely stable while revealing the prediction (use a tripod or place it on something still), otherwise the trick won’t look good. You can move around while you talk and present, but when the final revelation is done, the video must remain completely still.
  3. Choose which presentation fits you the most and use it (see the section below).
  4. The easiest way to hide the revelation is to cover it with the notebook’s front cover and place it on the easel (see pic 1).
  5. Give yourself some time between the moment you ask them to name their number outload and the moment you reveal your prediction. If you want to use the Gyro method, you need at least 20 seconds between those moments. Otherwise, we still recommend leaving around 10 seconds or so. That is when you are going to secretly input their number.
  6. When you reveal your prediction, try keeping everything steady, including the table and the surface. (Pic 2)
  7. Make it fun and entertaining! Ask them questions, ask yourself questions, or use running gags that you have in your act. You can also include other effects in the video to make it more visual, such as: Fire wallet, Make the marker appear/disappear etc.
  8. Another important tip is to add an underline where you prediction will appear. This not only look better, but also helps you to place the prediction easily when editing the video.

Pic 1


Pic 2



Input methods

Before we start talking about how to edit the video, we want to explain in detail what is the difference between each one and how to use them. The input methods allow you to code the required number to the video, all while still playing the video.

Grid mode

Using this method, you are going to code the number by tapping on the screen at certain positions.