1. Are products in stock and ready to ship?
Yes. But we only add the batteries for you and perform Pre-Shipping Quality Check right after the order is finalized. That way we keep the electronics inside fresh and we guarantee its perfect condition.
2. How long does the shipping take?
We ship by air mail / EMS and it depends on where we ship it to. Normally between 10-14 days. Due to Covid -19 shipping may take a little more time.
3. What about product warranty
All of our products come with a 1-year warranty. This includes repair or replacement and shipping back to the customer.
The customer must send the product to Cobra Magic by mail or courier after contacting customer service and receiving approval & our shipping details.
Return shipping costs incurred by the customer are not covered by the warranty.
The warranty will not apply to a customer who has purchased a second Hand product Unless it received approval from the Company.
4. Order cancellation
Our products are handcrafted, manufactured, assembled and are made-to-order. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law in Israel you cannot cancel such orders. However, Cobra Magic gives you the option to cancel your order.
A transaction can be canceled within five (5) days from the date of purchase provided the confirmation of payment from Cobra Magic customer service  team@cobramagic.com
A purchase cannot be canceled once it has been shipped to the customer, no refund will be provided.
5. How do I get the instructions for the product?
Once we send you the products we will email you with the tracking number and the product user instructions.