Duality Light instructions

Using a generic video

The easiest and the fastest way to start using Duality is using a video that we already supplied in the app. You have some top magicians' videos already inside the app and here I will explain how to edit them and use them right away.

When opening the app, our generic videos (and your own videos) will show as a gallery.

We keep adding videos all the time, so you can long press the three dots and the top right corner and press "download generic videos" to download and use more videos.

You would want to edit (or at least make sure it's already edited) the desired video before you perform it, and here is how. 

First, long press the desired video .I will use Singh's video, the top left one for the explanation.


After you press on the desired video, this screen would show up. 

You can go ahead and press "edit video".

The first thing you will input is when will the number show up.

You would want it just before the number is revealed in the video, so it will not be there too much ahead of time. (for Singh's video, this time- 00:38:02 is perfect). Then press "set" (purple).

"image in"  means when the number will show.

I would suggest to drag the white line (yellow) to the desired time, then you can adjust it with the left/right arrows (Red) , and when you're happy, press set (purple).


If you want the number to disappear at some point, you would want to press- "more options" (green).

Once you press "more options", an extra line, "image out"  (pink) would appear, like so:

You can set the exact time you want the number to disappear now, just like you did with the "image in".

If you don’t want the number to disappear, and stay until the end of the video, go ahead and press the two right arrows (brown) to it’s right.

Go ahead and press Next, we are almost done!


tip- I would suggest to stop the video at the moment you inserted to the "image in" a moment ago, it will help with the next step.


On this screen you will edit the number itself.

First- it's size.

Then it's weight (how bold will it be).

Then, it's opacity (how "see-through" will it be).

And for last, most importantly, the number's color, The color HAS to MATCH with its cover,

For example in this video I will match it with the cloth that covers it at the moment it's revealed ( a moment before it, as you set before).

Press the symbol circled in red here to set the number's color.

Now press on the cover of the number (arrow).

 The "color" at the top of the screen will change accordingly, and press "Done"! that's it- you are set with a generic video to perform with.

But how exactly do you insert the number?

Very simple, but very deceptive-  

When you perform, you will have to pause the video , and continue. You will pause the video by touching the screen once,

And WHERE you touch the screen will decide the first digit of the desired number. 

For example- if they said 52, first digit is 5. If they said 7, the first digit is 0.

Picture this grid (here to the right) on your screen behind the video. So if you pause the video by touching the screen exactly in its middle, the first digit will be 5 (50 something). 

If the desired number is 52, you will continue the video by pressing the center of the top part of your screen.

Play with it a bit, it's very simple to use.

That's it! You are ready to amaze everyone with an impossible effect! 

If you want to use your own video, go ahead and read the next part!


A few tips before you shoot your video-

The surface on which the number should be revealed has to be stable- if you try to hold a sheet of paper lets say and reveal the number on it, the paper might move a bit and the number won't, which will look pretty bad. 

Keep in mind that the color of whatever "covers" the number will have to match the number's color, so a black cover works great, but feel free to be as creative as you can!

Leave a gap to insert to number after it's been said- if you tell them in your video to say the number out loud and you want to reveal it a second after, you will have to rush to pause the video. This gap of time will make it more deceptive too as you separate the action from the result.

When you uncover the number, do it as fast as possible. The number should appear already and you don’t want it to be seen over its cover.

Set your phone down or hold it with a tripod. Holding the phone might have it move a bit, and the number will move on the surface and make it look really bad.


Now that you know all that, shoot your video, and follow these instructions.


Once you shoot your video, go to the app and long press the three dots on the upper right corner (red).


You will reach this screen. Go ahead and press the second option, "Create a new video".

You will have to choose the desired video, the one you shot.

Click on it, and then, at the bottom right corner press "choose".

The app will load your video, it will take about a minute or so.

Then- click on "edit video", and edit it according to these instructions above, as you would for a generic video.

For ANY questions or ideas, feel free to contact our costumer service who will be more than happy to help you! Feel free to send us a whatsapp-