Affiliate Program

How to make money when attending magic conventions?

Magician love sharing their purchases and the products they know of and saw. we want to offer you to make money from your experience So how do I turn my experience at a magic convention into an additional source of income?  

If you already use Cobra Magic products (or applications), it will be really easy for you to recommend our products, as you already enjoy the latest technology, quality, and the options that our products allow. If you are not familiar with Cobra Magic products, then simply join a virtual guided tour and get to know us!

So how will this work?

1. Visit Cobra Magic website, sign up for the affiliate program and receive a unique private link.
2. When you think Cobra Magic's solutions are suitable for the magician you meet at the convention, simply share the link you received with him.
3. If the magician purchases products on our website, you will receive a commission of up to 15% (depending on the amount of the purchase).
4. You can also share your unique link on WhatsApp or Facebook groups and thus increase sales from the link you received, so you can earn money even if you don't attendconventions.
how much will you earn
If the total transactions are up to $5,000 you will receive 10% of the transaction.
If the total transaction is more than 5,000 dollars you will receive 15% of the transaction.

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