Mind Controller

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Mind Controller

The Mind Controller is a compact version of the Mentalism Chair, hidden inside a chair pillow. Ideal for performing the PK Touches routine. From a distance, you can make your volunteer feel and react to strange finger touches on the back, even though you are nowhere near him.

Pretend to synchronize 2 volunteers, erase their memories, and control your volunteer by touching your mobile screen or a large scale projected image.

Watch Nicholas Wallace using the Mind Controller


  • You can easily “trick-out” ANY chair
  • Packs small - plays BIG
  • Adjustable touching mechanism
  • You can stand up to 10 meters away from your spectators

Technical details:

  • Battery : 3 X AAA
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Frequency: 315Mhz

The kit includes:

  • One system of Mind Controller
  • One remote control with 4 buttons
  • One pillow (for hiding the system)
  • One chair cover - optional for covering the chair and the pillow


I don't remember

The Mentalists asks the volunteer a few basic questions about themselves. After they have answered, the mentalist demonstrates how he can erase their memory and when he asks again, all they can say is: "I Don't Remember"


I have never touched you

This effect will even fool magicians. The performer touches a volunteer in different places when his eyes are closed. He then "Erases" his memory and when asked, the volunteer doesn't remember most of the touches at all. 



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