Duality Extension pack

Duality Extension pack

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Unlock the full potential of your magic with the Duality Extension Pack. This add-on app for Duality Pro transforms your performance with features like Multi-Predictions, allowing for unlimited & veriant reveals within a single video. The Self-Drawing tool gives you the option to send a drawing to your video without any assistance. Duality Transmitter, enables you to input drawing / picture / handwritten text to the pre recorded video. And, thanks to Inject Integration, effortlessly merge live data into your performance, automating the magical experience. 

Each feature is designed to offer flexibility, surprise, and a touch of the impossible, elevating your magic to new heights.

  • Multi-Predictions: Dive into endless possibilities with the ability to embed an unlimited variety of predictions in your videos. From names and numbers to dates, images, and drawings, create a multifaceted experience for your audience.
  • Self-Drawing Feature: Amaze with the self-drawing capability, enabling you to present predictions that sketch themselves out, all without needing an assistant. This feature adds a layer of mystique and autonomy to your performances.
  • Duality Transmitter: Incorporate live updates directly into your pre-recorded videos with the Duality Transmitter app. This tool allows for the seamless integration of new information, making each show unique and interactive.        The Duality Transmitter is an extra application through which you can transmit any kind of information (text, drawing, or picture) to the Duality Video Player while the video is playing. Use an assistant to do the dirty work for you - leaving you totally free to perform.
  • Inject Integration: Streamline your performances with Inject integration, automating the process of incorporating live data into your video. This hassle-free feature ensures a smooth, captivating experience for your audience, enhancing the magical aura of your act.

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