Mentalism platforms

Mentalism platforms

Our Unique Approach to Mental Magic


We started our love affair with the development of magical products way back in 2007. Our first product was the Mentalism Chair. This unique product that has been enhanced and upgraded in the intervening years, well represents the values that govern our R&D and business approach.


Innocent Looking Props 

Based on Yaniv Levy's broad experience as a mentalist himself, and his innovative approach in his own mentalism acts, we decided, right at the outset, that our products have to look like “regular”, common daily items. Instead of focusing on any special appearance of the magic props, we opted to focus on the mentalists and highlighting their showmanship. Some of the products, like the Mentalism Chair, look as if they were simply brought from home, while others, such as the Chess Master or the Super Chip, are associated with a specific environment - but still look exactly the same as the items familiar to that environment. No “tricky appearance – no suspicion aroused.



Hidden Technology 

We use smart state-of-the-art technology, but it is always hidden. The audience never see transmitters, receivers, remote controls, switches or any electronic components that are skillfully concealed within the items or are a part of the presentation. We do our utmost to enable smooth presentation, without the need for any suspicious actions by the performer. You can perform fully surrounded by the audience. The miracle occurs while the "Modus Operandi" is hidden.



Complete Freedom for Creativity

This may easily be the No.1 value of our products. Nearly all our products are MENTALISM PLATFORMS - rather than the more limited stand-alone magic products. An example of the latter, is one of our very few  exceptions: Cobra Light. Cobra Light is "A One Trick Pony". It is designed to perform one major effect; a spiritual connection between electrical switches and colored light bulbs. These components “obey” the volunteer’s will ... while he swaps the colored covers around, and thinks about the desired result as to which switch will light which bulb. It is a mind blowing impossibility, but it's only one effect that this product can produce.


All our other products that are Mentalist Platforms enable the creation of a vast array of effects and concepts. The mentalists can use the functions of the Platform to perform many different effects and tailor them to their own unique personal style.


From Para-Psychology to Mr. X

The Mentalism Chair is a good example. It looks like an everyday IKEA style folding chair. It is equipped with hidden mechanisms that imitate finger touches at the back of the seated volunteer, a vibration, and an additional option is an electrical shocker that makes the volunteer suddenly leap from the seat. Both mechanisms are controlled from quite a distance by the mentalist or an assistant, leaving the magician totally free for the presentation. With the Mentalism Chair we provide the performer with a "Swiss Army Knife" of mentalism tools. He can use the chair to mentally make the spectator feel finger touches, without getting anywhere near him. He can perform mental synchronization between two volunteers – in which one of them feels the touches executed on the other. The mentalist can seemingly erase the volunteer’s memory, or just make two volunteers leap from their seats in perfect sync, without any reason that the eye can see (as performed by Marc Spelmann-Mr. X in England’s Got Talent). He can pretend to hypnotize a volunteer or even perform tele-kinesis powers, as he makes a bottle fall down by itself (using the vibration function). 


We provide the tools and technology that lets the users' imagination and creativity flourish.



From the Poker Table 

The Super Chip is another example that illustrates the variety of effects that go far beyond the supplied items themselves. The set includes four innocent looking smart casino chips that you can carry in your pocket. A smart tiny receiver senses their status, and vibrates silently to enable you to perform many different routines such as:

  • 3 spectators – who is holding which color?
  • In which hand is the chip held?
  • Heads or Tails?
  • Who is hiding my Wallet?

But this is only the beginning. The chips can be hidden at the bottom of simple disposable cups (a generous quantity of cups and secret covers are supplied with the set). With this setup, the mentalist can detect who, out of three volunteers, is drinking which beverage.

The chips can be hidden at the bottom of spray-paint cans, performing a blindfolded color match. They can also enable an easy and extremely powerful Chair Test (this routine is included in the set along with 11 others).  



Plug & Play

We could continue with many more examples, but the idea is clear. You can perform Cobra Magic's products for the same audience again and again, and each time they will see totally different effects. There will not be any connection between the routines, except for your own creativity and showmanship.


Our basic premise is: we truly believe in simplicity. Our mentalist has to be totally free for the presentations. The recommended routines can be learned in minutes and the operation is as simple as counting one, two, three. Turn a hidden switch on, check for the clear indication that it is ready to perform… and just do it. We promise to keep on surprising you with new Mentalism Platforms, to further empower your mentalism shows and make them a joy for you and a unique experience for your audience.