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The Blind Man's Wallet by Menny Lindenfeld is a game-changing new device - taking mind-reading to a whole new level.

The Blind Man's Wallet by Menny Lindenfeld is a game-changing device that catapults mind-reading to a whole new level.

Have a volunteer draw or write anything on a piece of paper. Fold the paper, and tuck it in your wallet for safe keeping.  With the wallet on the table quite far away from you, you can read and reveal what is written or drawn.

You can freely hand out the Blind Man's Wallet to your spectators.

You have nothing to hide - because there is nothing to find!

The Blind Man's Wallet is an ordinary-looking wallet, designed for everyday use. With compartments for your bills, credit cards, picture-ID cards, plus an easy-to-access compartment for your business cards. You will enjoy the Blind Man's Wallet everywhere you go. You will always be ready to amaze, by reading your spectator's minds.

Blind Man's Wallet enables 3 effects:

  • Read what’s written or drawn on a folded piece of paper
  • Perform “Confabulation” prediction effects
  • Make objects appear or disappear from the wallet



About Menny:

Award-winning, internationally renowned paranormal entertainer, Menny Lindenfeld “The ParaMentalist”, has been performing for both the private and business sectors for over 15 years. He performs fluently in English, German and Hebrew.

He is highly acclaimed by his colleagues as one of the world's leading authorities in the field of telekinesis. His extraordinary ability to shift and deform metal objects without touch has astonished audiences in 22 countries – both on live shows and on international television.

Lindenfeld appeared on the highly rated international TV show: 'Phenomenon - (The Next Uri Geller)', was one of the two finalists on prime time TV show, 'Fool The Master' with Max Maven and has been featured on prime time TV shows around the globe: MTV, NBC, Thru-TV (USA), Channel 2 & Channel 10 (Israel), Nippon TV & Fuji TV (Japan), Kanal 1 (Turkey), and more.



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